Friday, October 26, 2007

Drive Home/Nba predictions

On my drive home today I happened to see two things that interested me.

  1. There was a Steve Bartman looking guy at the bus stop wearing a Miami Dolphins jacket and a Dolphins hat. He looked cold and unhappy. He was probably upset because in the past 10 days they have traded their #1 receiver, got blown out by New England, saw their star player tear his ACL, watched their linebacker Channing Crowder ( make a fool of himself, and now they get to play a "home" game against the Giants. The Dolphins have hit rock bottom, which means that things can only get better from here. Keep the faith Dolphins fans.
  2. There was a guy riding his bike down a major road in Minneapolis during rush hour using only one hand while talking on his cell phone. What kind of person thinks it is a good idea to talk on his cell phone while riding a bike? Probably the same type of people who use their cell phone when in the bathroom.

Quick Nba predictions:

Eastern Conference Finals: Pistons over Bulls

Western Conference Finals: Suns over Spurs

Nba Finals: Suns over Pistons

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