Friday, October 17, 2008

Election and other updates

It has been two weeks since my last post....sorry.   I have been working, watching the debates, keeping up with the resurgent Dolphins and calling Carl Pohlad and reminding him that he should have signed Johan Santana to a long term deal.    Anyway, here are my updates from the past two weeks:
  • Amongst all the talk about the election I don't know if people are getting the bigger picture.   In only a few weeks we will either elect the first African-American President or the first Female President or Vice-President.    Some people might like to say that it is a long time coming (which it is), but I would rather focus on the fact that this is progress for America.  You can't change the past, but the future looks a little bit brighter.  
  • M and I finished Season 1 of Mad Men.   It is a good show, but not one I would necessarily recommend to everyone.  The setting of the show is a 1960s ad agency in New York City.  It seems like an accurate representation of the 60s.  (Obviously, I don't know since I wasn't alive during that time.)   Watching the show made me even more happy when I would think about the above point in regards to politics.
  • People use the term "we" way too frequently.   If you did not do something then you shouldn't use "we" when describing things.   Personally I have tried to stop using "we" when describing my favorite teams.   The only time I might get caught using it is when talking about the mighty Redhawks of Miami University, which I find more understanding since I am a Miami University alum.
  • My latest food kick has been twice-baked potatoes.   I have made 3 batches so far, and am working on perfecting my recipe.  
Off to a BBQ.  Hopefully my twice-baked potatoes will be a hit.

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BC said...

Palin = Progress?
Kevin, please. Just because she has a vagina doesn't mean that she's going to be a good Vice President in the alternate universe where McCain actually wins the election.

She's an insult to every intelligent woman in America, and that insult comes to us courtesy of the party that brought you the Iraq war, Guantanamo Bay, waterboarding/enhanced interrogation, politicized hiring practices in the Justice Department and the elimination of the budget surpluses of the late 20th century.

Don't give them an inch. They'll take it and do something else completely stupid.