Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jazz - Twolves

Last night I went to go see my favorite team in the Nba (the Utah Jazz) play against my current hometown and 2nd favorite team (the Minnesota Timberwolves) at the Target Center. You might have heard about the game if you followed the Nba because it was the first game since Randy Whitman was fired and Kevin McHale took over as the Twolves coach. Also, yesterday marked the 20th year anniversary of Jerry Sloan taking over as the Jazz coach.

Anyway, it didn't look like many people in Minnesota had heard about the game since from my estimate there was *three to six thousand people at the game. There was almost no one in the upper deck and the lower deck definitely had more empty seats than seats that were filled. The bad news for the Twolves was good news for me since I was able to get a cheap scalped ticket. Also, randomly enough I ran into a coworker and even more random he also happened to be a Jazz fan. More good luck came my way because he knew some people who worked for the Twolves, so in the 2nd half we moved up to watch the game from the 3rd row behind the Jazz bench. I will post pictures once I get them uploaded.

*Of those 3,000-6,000 there were about 20 Jazz fans in the arena. And of course those 20 Jazz fans (myself included) ended up talking to each other and in the end celebrating the Jazz victory. It was weird explaining to people from Utah that even though I grew up in Mississippi and had never even been to Utah I was still a Jazz fan. Still all the Jazz fans I met were very nice and exactly what I would imagine people from Utah would be like.

Just in case you couldn't wait for the pictures though you can check out the highlights by clicking on this link from The cool thing from the highlights is that you can see myself and the guys I was sitting next to in a few clips. It might be hard to see me, but I am wearing a Jazz sweatshirt and my friend next to me is wearing a dark blue Jazz (Okur) jersey. We are in the 3rd row to the right of the bench from the camera's point of view. There is one clear shot of my friend when the camera shows an up close shot of Coach Sloan. Also, you can see us cheering on the Jazz when Korver hits his 3 and Okur hits the game winner at the end.

I don't know why I (or other people) get so excited about seeing themselves on TV. Maybe this is more of a comment on how our facebook/myspace society is very egotistical? Honestly though I don't really care. I like seeing myself on TV especially when I am celebrating a favorite team of mine.

Go Jazz.

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