Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dolphins - Ravens

This will be the 3rd consecutive week that I will watch the Dolphins game in a new state. For the Chiefs game I was back home in Jackson with my brother in law and best friend. For the Jets game I was back in Minneapolis celebrating the AFC East clinching win. Now I am in Chicago with my friends Ben and Laurie getting ready to watch the Dolphins - Ravens playoff game. My Marino jersey is ready to go and I have been getting prepared by watching Dolphins highlights from this year on youtube. M has been informed that we will be leaving to drive back to Minneapolis after the game is over, but not a second earlier.

In other news the more times I go to Chicago the more I start to enjoy the city. Even the cold weather doesn't seem so bad because it is 20 degrees colder in Minneapolis. One of the best things about Chicago is that you can take public transit most anywhere you need to go. That means that if you plan it right (ie park your car in a spot where you won't get a ticket) then there is no need for a designated driver. It is almost like college in Oxford, OH.

Last night Ben, Laurie and I went to see the Timberwolves-Bulls game at the United Center. There were many interesting thing that went on so let me try to list them :
  • There were no scalpers outside the United Center. This was a problem because we didn't have tickets because I thought we could get a better deal through scalping. Anyway, we walked around the arena and despite my best efforts to spot a scalper we didn't see a single one. How are there no scalpers at a pro game? If you go to Wrigley there are scalpers every 5 feet, but in the same city there are no scalpers for a basketball game. The Bulls are still relatively popular and there is still a demand for the tickets, so I am at a loss for an answer to this question.
  • The lowest price for lower level tickets at face value is $130. Seriously? That price seems a tad high in this economy for a below-average team.
  • Ben, Laurie and I got standing room only tickets for $20 each. None of us really understood the concept of standing room only tickets at an Nba game, so we just found 3 open seats in the upper deck for the first half.
  • For the 2nd half of the game we snuck down to the $130 lower level seats and found 3 seats behind the basket. Then for the last 44 seconds we moved up to seats 5 rows behind the basket. During this time we witnessed this cute, young (20 something) girl yell injured Bulls guard Kirk Henrich's name multiple times until she finally got his attention. She was obviously hitting on him to the point that Henrich finally had to look at the girl and point to his ring finger and mouth out the words "I am married." This didn't stop the girl from pulling out one of her business cards, writing her phone number on it and then walk over to the bench and try to hand it to him. I knew that Nba players were in demand from more than enough women, but seeing that girl hit on Henrich made me sad for Nba player's wives because I can only imagine how paranoid and jealous the wives must get.
  • Oh yeah the most shocking point of all was that the Twolves won and had their first winning streak of the season.
Go Fins.

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