Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Butterfly Efflect

If only Ty Lawson could have just kept his music down on the night of June 6th this past year. If he would have done that then maybe the police wouldn't have pulled him over and noticed a "strong odor of alchohol." If he would have kept his music down at 2:30am then he wouldn't have had a red flag (a *DUI) next to his name that resulted in him removing his name from the NBA draft early entries. If that would have happened then the BEST TEAM EVER would have been forced to start Larry Drew as their point guard this year. And if that would have happened maybe Greg Paulus would have been able to celebrate a victory over Carolina on his home court.

*You would think that Lawson would want to NOT draw attention to his car when he had been drinking. Hopefully he looks back on that moment and realizes that it probably would have been in his best interest to keep the music down a little bit. Also, it would probably would have been in his best interest just to not drink and drive as a 20 year old in the first place.

As it stands Lawson just loves listening to his music loud and also absolutely destroying Duke's defense. In the midst of my brother-in-law constant *texts there was one that I relunctly had to agree with. That one was "The only way to stop him is with a gun and league rules prohibit that."

*He must have been a great middle school teacher since the quantity of his texts mirrors a 13 year old girl.

Last night's game was depressing and something that I would rather soon forget. I am going to go grab some lunch now on my lunch break.


BC said...

You didn't like the one I sent after Tyler's three pointer that said, "you can go to bed now"? I'm hurt.

BTW- the gun line is DP's.

BC said...

Hey, real quick. It wasn't a DUI. It was driving after consuming alcohol. He blew below the state minimum for a DUI, but had to eat the charge because he's a minor and there's zero tolerance.

Technically he wasn't drunk.