Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saved by the Bell and other thoughts

For any Saved by the Bell fan out there you should probably check out this clip from the Jimmy Fallon show. One of my friends sent it to me and it had me laughing for almont all of the 9 minute length of the clip.


The last big (more than one series) roadtrip the Twins outscored their opponents (the Yankees and White Sox) by a combined score of 42-35 and somehow only went 1-6 in wins and losses. This roadtrip they have outscored their opponents (the Mariners and Atheletics) 17-14 and yet are only 2-2 in games. Winning games 20-1 and then losing games 4-3 will do that for you I guess.

This year the Twins have been absolutely terrible on the road and need more victories like the one last night. The win last night put their overall road record at 8-19 (winning - 30%) compared to a home record of 21-12 (winning- 64%). It is a small sample size of games this year, but if this home/road winning difference holds up then it will be by far the largest difference in the past 7 years. The problem isn't the home winning % because that is close to the Twins home record over the past 7 years where they have won on average 61% of the games. The reason for the large difference is that the road record is lagging way behind the average 51% winning percentage over the same time period. If the Twins had only matched their approx. 500 play on the road so far then they would have a two game lead in the division instead of being 4 games behind the Tigers. This all makes me wonder what the move to Target Field is going to be like next year and if the Twins are going to be able to maintain their average 61% winning percentage there. Is the 61% winning percentage attributed to the Metrodome? Or maybe are the Twins so bad on the road because they get used to playing the Metrodome? Will their home win % drop, but maybe their road percentage go up because they get used to playing outdoors?


I am still loving my new place for those of you who care. It makes me thinks that the key to life is to find and make small, meaningful improvements. The easiest way to do this is to start off by lowering the bar so that *normal stuff seems like a luxury. For me sleeping in a place with A/C is so much more enjoyable after spending 2.5 years sleeping in a place without A/C. These small things add up and really can make a huge difference in one's happiness. Small, meaningful improvements are more important to me then big, sweeping changes like winning the lottery or trying to quit smoking.

*normal is of course relative since I am writing this from the position of a privileged American who hasn't really had any big suffering in my life. I don't mean to sound intolerant.

More to come on the blog later as I have to get to my review of Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

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