Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vikings - Saints

Tomorrow the Vikings go into New Orleans to play the Saints for a spot in the Super Bowl. That means on Super Bowl Sunday there will either be a team that has never won a Super Bowl despite 4 trips OR there will be a team that has won 3 playoff games in their entire franchise's 30+ year history. The media has to be salivating over having either Brett "Silverfox" Favre or Drew Brees and the high scoring Saints.

For me it is a little complicated because the Saints are my hometown team and the Vikings are the team of my current place of residence. In fact those are the only two NFL teams I have seen a regular season home game. I like and cheer for both teams as long as they aren't playing the Dolphins or Roethlisberger and the Steelers. That doesn't mean I am a fan since I would never consider myself a Saints or Vikings fan, but I do like cheering for them. However, for next Sunday's game I don't know who to cheer for, so I am going to break it down:


  • Saints - I own one Saints sweatshirt and one #87 Joe Horn jersey.
  • Vikings - I own one Vikings shirt that I got for free.
  • Advantage - Saints
Mississippi ties

  • Saints - Duece McAllister from Lena, MS just got signed back from the Saints. He is not a vital part of their team.
  • Vikings - Brett Favre from Kiln, MS. You might have heard of him. He has done pretty well for the Vikings this year.
  • Advantage - Vikings
Years of cheering about the team

  • Saints - 26 (since I was born since they are Jackson's team and I was born in Jackson).
  • Vikings - 4
  • Advantage - Saints
Regular Season Games seen

  • Saints - 3 (two against the 49ers and one against the Falcons)
  • Vikings - 4 (the Packers, Lions, 49ers and Colts)
  • Advantage - Vikings

  • Saints - The cheapest tickets to the Cardinals game was close to $200. The cheapest tickets to tomorrow's game are $400+. The fans are absolutely crazy about the team. When they win the entire city celebrates.
  • Vikings - The cheapest tickets to the Cowboys game was close to $80. The fans really like their team and it isn't uncommon for someone to mention the pain of the Super Bowl losses or the NFC championship game loss against the Falcons. However, the passion from Vikings fans doesn't match that from Saints fans.
  • Advantage - Saints

Overall I will be happy with either team who wins, but I think if somebody asked me to play God and pick a winner I would pick the Saints. My prediction - 31 - 14 Saints. I hope it will be closer and again if the Vikings win then I will be happy as well.

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