Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 before 30

Since I was getting a new computer I decided to go through some of the files I had on my old computer. Everything was supposed to be transferred, but just in case that didn't work I wanted to see what was out there. One thing I found was a list I created in 2007 about the 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Now, it kind of works out that my before 30 goals can be broken into 3 equal sections. There are things that I've since accomplished. There are things that I probably won't end up doing in the next two years. And then there are the 10 things that I might be able to do if I really focus on crossing them off the list.

Below are the 10 things that I've been able to cross off.
  1. See a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium: One of the best experiences of my life and certainly my favorite birthday gift of all time.
  2. See a University of Minnesota hockey game: For a hockey game/arena this was pretty fun to see. Why are the Gophers hockey team not a perennial national title contender anymore?
  3. See a Minnesota Wild game: Yawn. I know everyone else loves hockey here, but the best part of going to a Wild game is eating at Cossetta's before the game. I enjoyed the Gophers game more.
  4. Eat all 4 hot dog options at Miller Park: Ok, I've only ate 3 out of the 4, but I am going to count it. Anyway, I love watching a game at Miller Park and the hot dog options are part of the appeal.
  5. Get married: That was kind of a big deal. I'm happy to have been able to cross this off my list.
  6. Have a certain amount of money in my bank account. This is another really important thing to me. I've been able to save a decent amount of money and am proud of both that and my budgeting system. I'm happy to say that even after the financial crisis, I still was able to reach this financial goal.
  7. Become Six-Sigma Green Belt certified: This was work related and something that is better now that is is over.
  8. Go to the top of the Space Needle: I loved the Space Needle and Seattle. It was so much fun visiting my friends Candace, Nancy and Nicholas, which is good since none of the three remain in Seattle. I'm glad to have crossed this off.
  9. Go to Austria for Nancy/Nicholas's wedding: What an amazing trip and wedding.
  10. Catch a fish at Pike Place's Market in Seattle: I didn't catch a fish, but I have been there, so I am counting this one as well.
I feel a since of accomplishment when thinking about those 10 things, which isn't the same with the ones below. Below are the 10 "probably won't do before I turn 30" goals.
  1. Coach a basketball team: This would be a fun thing to do, but I've never gotten around to it.
  2. Get my picture next to every state sign: I've gotten my picture next to 26 states, so I am more than halfway there.
  3. See the Northern Lights: If I actually liked camping this would be a lot more likely for me to do.
  4. See the pyramids in Egypt: Do the pyramids in Mexico count? I would like to go to Egypt, but probably not before I turn 30.
  5. Go on a gondola ride in Venice: This will almost definitely have to wait till I am 30+.
  6. Learn to play one decent song on the guitar: This was a stretch goal then and it is still a stretch goal.
  7. Paint a halfway decent painting: Let's just say I've spent as much time painting as I have playing a guitar.
  8. Get my MBA: This is a tough one, but I am still on the fence on getting an MBA. The longer I wait the less likely it is I have the motivation to go back.
  9. Watch a Diamondbacks game from the jacuzzi in the outfield. This would be really fun, but probably won't happen.
  10. Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby. If I lived within driving distance then I probably would cross this off.
That leaves 10 more goals that if I really try I might be able to accomplish before my 30th birthday. I would be happy with just crossing 5 of the below off my list, but we will see. Below are the 10 "I might cross them off in time" goals.
  1. Tailgate at Ole Miss before a home football game: If I lived within driving distance this would be easy to cross off.
  2. See a Nebraska home football game: Every year I say I am going to do this, but 2011 will be different.
  3. See a Dolphins home game: Miami has the Dolphins...the greatest football team.
  4. Visit Cooperstown, NY and the Baseball Hall of Fame: This might have been the year to go with Bert getting elected, but maybe I can plan a trip next year.
  5. Get promoted within a company: It is still hard to believe I've never really been promoted within a company. I've had good reviews and pay raises, but still no official promotion.
  6. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower: Hopefully I can cross this off in November.
  7. See a Broadway show in New York City: I would like to go back to NYC and visit the city as an adult.
  8. Go on a hot air balloon: This shouldn't be too hard...right?
  9. Buy a house: Big one. Really big decision. I am kind of against buying houses now, but that might change before I turn 30. I mean eventually I will buy one, so there is at least a chance it is over the next two years. Right now, I guess I just like renting.
  10. Visit Glacier National Park in Montana: This is one of those trips that M and I've been saving, but just haven't been able to do.

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