Sunday, April 22, 2012

Choices - Dr. Stearns Retirement Party

Last Saturday M and I had the pleasure of attending my former Marketing professor's retirement party back at Miami University. This party was noteworthy for a few reasons. 

1) The Miami hockey coach and his assistant sat next to us during the dinner/speech portion of the evening. This allowed me to talk to one of the best college hockey coaches in the nation. For a hockey novice like me it was a pretty good opportunity to learn more about the sport. Below is a picture of Coach Blasi and I:

2) Being back at Miami is fun. The energy level on a college campus is something that you don't always get in the "real world." Also, the real world doesn't have Bagel & Deli.

3) Dr. Stearns gave a speech thanking everyone for attending the party (including a call-out to M and I) and one part of really stuck with me. He talked about how if he had a chance to make every decision over again he would do the exact same thing. He would want to work at Miami with the same coworkers and students. He would have the same friends, follow the same sports and choose the same person to marry. It was hard to hear that speech and not be inspired. 

The speech and the time I've spent traveling has given me a chance to review the big decision of moving from Minneapolis to Columbus for a new job. Did I make the right decision? Or as a lot of people have asked - how do you like your job? The answer is that yes, I am very happy with my decision right now. It can be difficult being new with the job, but overall I am very pleased with the work and my coworkers. One thing that has been especially rewarding with my job is the level of travel that it requires. I've been to New York, Miami, Chicago and Dallas for a total of 25 Victoria's Secret/PINK stores since I started in December. Considering there are over 900 Victoria's Secret stores it means that I still have a long way to go.

Anyway, I have a lot more to write later about Kansas City (our 4th trip was a success) and of course the house. I just wanted to give a brief update on my weekend in Oxford and how that related to my new job. Hopefully after 30+ years I will give a similar speech as Dr. Stearns. 

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