Friday, July 13, 2007

The Beginning

There are two things (actually there are a lot more than two, but this is a start) that I want to do in my life:

  • Get my picture next to every state sign
  • Go to every Mlb baseball stadium

In the honor of the 2nd point I named my blog "Thoughts on Mlb stadiums and..." I hope to post various reviews of Mlb stadiums that I go to in the next weeks, months, and years. This is not a novel concept as most sports-minded males talk about ballparks in the way that some guys talk about girls. A few years ago espn's Jim Caple did an excellent series where he went to all 30 ballparks. For his list please go to the below website:

I understand the poor ranking of the Metrodome (26th out of 30), but in the end I am a Twins fan and surprisingly enough I like the Metrodome. Still it is a good list for any sports fan. Anyway, I will get into reason why I am Twins fan and my thoughts on fan loyality at a later date. Here are other things I would like to bring up:

  • Reviews of parks that I go visit. Next on the list is Miller Park (Brewers), Wrigley Field (Cubs), and US Cellular (White Sox).
  • Twins updates. Here is hoping for a 2nd half comeback like last year.
  • Any updates on my favorite teams: Miami University sports, Duke basketball, Twins, Dolphins, and Jazz.
  • Reasons why those are my favorite teams.
  • Random thoughts on various people and events in my life.

There will be more to go over in the future, but right now I am going to try and convince M to go see Santana pitch tonight against the A's.

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