Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Duke vs. UNC

Congrats to my brother-in-law for getting a ticket and going to the game tonight at the Dean Dome.  For some reason (maybe the score 89-78) I think I would have had a better time in his seat.
  • Overall it was a sloppy game and not something I would want to watch on ESPN Classic.
  • As you are reading this Ty Hansbrough just fouled another Duke player thinking that the game wasn't over.
  • Good job by the refs for calling Psycho T whenever he traveled.  Most refs are afraid of calling a foul on Hansbrough at Carolina.
  • Why did I get flashbacks to the 2005 when Duke went up 8 with about 3 minutes?   I was glad that ESPN didn't show a shot of Marvin Williams.
  • However, I wasn't happy that ESPN didn't show any shots of ugly Carolina girls crying after the game.
  • Greg Paulus is such a frustrating player, but those 3 points shots were clutch.
  • Welcome to UNC-Duke Taylor King.  Hopefully, King will play more than 3 minutes and not airball one of his 3s in his next game against the Tar Heels.
  • Alex Van Pelt just said that Carolina has "obscene depth" expect at the point guard position.  I know that it is just slang, but I kind of like thinking of Carolina's team as being disgusting and repulsive.  
  • At one point in the 2nd half Duke was shooting the same percentage from 3 pointers as from the free throw line.  They ended up the game still shooting under 60% from the free throw line and over 40% from the 3pt line.   On some free throws I felt like they should just have stepped back.
  • UNC without Lawson isn't a top 10 ten team.  He makes Ellington, Green, and everyone else much better and without him you could see those players struggle.   The wrong player from UNC is being considered a National Player of the Year candidate. 
  • During the first half I wondered if Carolina knew that shots behind the line on the permitter were worth three points.  They guarded Duke as if Duke had a front line of Carlos Boozer and Elton Brand.
  • Great game Lance Thomas.   The block on Danny Green briefly reminded me of the Battier block on Joe Forte.
  • Has there been a better sports week than Giants over Patriots and Duke over UNC?
I will leave you with this picture (no caption needed) which is currently on the home page of


BC said...

Gerald Henderson acted like a little ho last night. Tyler fouled him twice and Gerald made ho-ish little faces and at one point had to be talked down by that favorite hobbit of the shire, Greg Paulus.

You're right on that without Lawson, we're done. It really goes back to losing Frasor---and Wright. Hopefully this loss brings guys together though. Q played like he was out of his mind in 2nd half last night.

Mary said...

Check out this link talking about Duke winning "with an asterisk"... What do you make of that? Sounds like Lawson is clutch, but can Duke earn a full-fledged victory without the disclaimer?