Sunday, June 15, 2008

I believe

This is the 20th year anniversary of Bull Durham.    For those of you haven't seen this movie it is a classic sports movie with many quotable lines and it also is located in one of my favorite cities.   One of the classic lines is from Crash Davis (played by Kevin Costner).   You can see the clip here.   Anyway, in honor of that scene in the movie I present to you some things that I believe:

I believe
  • In the victory cigar
  • That if your friends or family don't like you significant other than you probably shouldn't either.
  • That the saying "it is more about who you know that what you know" is crap.
  • In removing the bumper sticker of a candidate after the election.  (I saw two John Kerry bumper stickers on the 10 minute drive home today).
  • That Michael Jordan pushed off against Byron Russell, but also that that non-call wasn't the most important or worst call of the game.
  • In the power of the American road trip.
  • In a cold beer and a good hot dog (not a Dome Dog) at a ballpark.
  • Giving hospitality if you expect hospitality in return.
  • That the 1999 Duke team was the best college basketball team I have ever seen.
  • That the 1995 Nebraska team was the best college football team ever.
  • In the beauty of a well executed two on 1 fast break.
  • Coffee and chocolate tastes better in Austria.
  • That walking into a stadium and seeing the field is the 2nd best sight for any self-respecting American male.
  • In the medium-rare steak.
  • In Piccadilly's definition of what is a vegetable.  
  • That SEC is year in and year out the best football conference.
  • The importance of the corner 3, not committing turnovers and taking advantage of any 2 for 1 opportunities in basketball.
There is more that I believe, but I need to go watch Game 5 of the Finals.


Mary said...

Nice post Kev :)

Anonymous said...

I believe in editing what I write for grammatical and spelling errors...

Kevin Malphurs said...

Annonymous: What did Matt think of the post?