Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Wave

The Good
Yesterday, I was lucky enough to get 2 free lower level tickets (11th row) to the Yankees-Twins game. The game was probably the most exciting game I have been to this year with the Twins rallying 3 seperate times to win 6-5 During the game Joe Mauer hit his first home run of the year, Delmon Young hit a surprising 3 doubles and Michael Cuddyer was unbelievable in the field and at the plate. The Twins are now only a half game back on the White Sox in the Central.

The Bad
Top of the 9th inning in a one run game. Joe Nathan pitching against Alex Rodridquez to start the inning. Some idiot fan wearing a Morneau jersey decides this is a great time to star the wave. My disdain for the wave is well known amongst my friends, but still I have learned to tolerate the wave much the way I tolerate the beach balls in the home run porch. I however can't tolerate someone trying to start the wave in the 9th inning of an exciting one run game when the Twins best pitcher is going against possibly the best hitter in baseball. Why would this guy do that? My proposal would be for the Twins to put a promotion around this and label the 3rd inning "The Wave" inning. They could then have Twins officials organize a wave around this inning. While I will still shudder at having to do the wave in the 3rd inning at least then these people will get the wave out of their system before any of the late innings. However, maybe this proposal is just another poor proposal based on the idea of appeasement. Lord knows I don't want to be like Neville Chamberlain. Maybe the wave should just be banned because you are either with baseball (anti-wave) or against baseball (pro-wave).

The Ugly
Buffalo Wild Wings does not publish any nutritional information. Therefore the chili cheese fries I had two weeks ago could be anywhere between 30 grams and 200 grams of fat and I wouldn't know. The reason according to my brother-in-law is "because they cook everything fresh and portions vary that they can't give that information" I have taken it upon myself to ask Buffalo Wild Wings to see if I could fix this problem and I received this response:

"Thank you for your request. We are currently in the process of completing our nutritional information and will have it ready by the end of August. If you could check back in August we will be able to provide you with the nutritional information you are requesting.

Thank you for being a loyal BWW guest!"

I will check back in August and make sure that BW3 is living up to their end of agreement. If not I might have to boycott one of my favorite establishments. After reading the worst foods for you from Men's Health I think it is time to shed light on places like BW3. If I am going to eat something that has 1000+ calories I want to make sure I am least getting enough enjoyment out of it. It is one thing to sit down and really enjoy a Chipotle Burrito (1,179 calories), but it is a completely different thing to kind of like a Ruby Tuesday's Bella Turkey Burger (1,145 calories) or even worse a Taco Salad from On the Border (1,450 calories). And if you wonder why this rant is under the ugly section then please visit Houston, Texas - the fattest large city in America.

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Mary said...

Great Post! You covered 2 of my favorite things - food and questioning "The Man". :)