Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's over

Things were going so well. Things were even for the most part of the evening. Then things progressed to the point where I thought that this could be the one. I was trying to keep myself from getting too confident since I believe the cliche that "anything can happen." Then one thing led to another and before I knew it instead of celebrating I was waiting for a sudden death overtime. Then almost just as fast a fluke play ended the game with the wrong team celebrating.

Hockey is over to me.

Maybe I will care again next year, but right now I need a long, long break. In the history of bad losses (Duke-UConn in 1999, Miami-Marshall 2002, etc) this one might be the worst and most improbable. I venture to say that a hockey team up 2 goals with a minute remaining it has at least a 98% chance of winning. Due to some bad breaks and some bad defense Miami fell in the other 2%. The fact that this same thing had happened earlier in the tournament (between UMD and Princeton) is statistically crazy.

To recap how the game went I think it is best to go through the texts I received in order:
  • Friend from MS - "Found it and the game just started...tied at zero."
  • Miami friend - "Boston scored 1-0"
  • Friend from MS - "Miami losing one to zero....2nd period."
  • 2nd Miami friend - "Miami just scored!!!"
  • 1st Miami friend - "It (the goal) was legit. My whole family thought so."
  • 1st Miami friend (an hour later) - "Goal!"
  • 1st Miami friend - "2-1 us"
  • Old boss -9:23pm - "Congrats to the redhawks"
  • Old boss - 9:28pm - "Will the campus go up in flames?"
  • Friend from MS - 9:29pm - "Uh oh"
  • M - 9:29pm - "Miami is up!"
  • 3rd Miami friend - 9:30pm - "Holy sh*t"
  • Friend from MS - 9:31pm - "Holy crap....Are u watching?"
  • Current boss - 9:32pm - "Uh-oh"
  • Old boss - 9:36pm - "Sorry dude. This could make the win even more sweet."
  • 1st Miami friend - 10:10pm - "We were jipped."
  • Old boss - 10:13pm - "Now you can go back to ignoring hockey."
Hopefully that gave you an idea of the amount of emotional swings during the game yesterday. It was terrible and something that I wish I could zap from memory like Jim Carrey in that movie with Kate Winslet. I should have been celebrating last night, but instead I was a shell of myself because of a game where I barely understand most of the rules. Maybe next year hockey, but now I think I am going to rely on the Twins and baseball to disappoint me.

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BC said...

That must feel pretty good, rooting for two teams that can't win a national championship, though I must say I am proud that you actually cheered for a school at which you were once a student.

I think I might go up to Franklin St. today and pick up a copy of Sports Illustrated, and maybe a "UNC 2009 National Champions" t-shirt. Do you want one?