Thursday, April 9, 2009

Miami hockey

Now that college basketball is mercifully over (and we have another Tyler Hansbrough SI cover because I don't know what the world would have done with only 4 Hansbourgh SI covers) it is time to focus our attention to college hockey. Never before did I think I would write about hockey, but that time has come now that my Redhawks are officially in the NCAA championship game. The reason they have a date with ESPN on Saturday night is because Miami beat Bemidji St. 4-1 in the Frozen Four in DC only a few hours ago.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch it because I was on a plane back to Columbus, OH to spend time with M's family over Easter. I had specifically agreed to this trip because I didn't think it would conflict with any sporting events since college basketball would be over, baseball would just be starting, and the NBA wouldn't yet be having their playoffs. However, I didn't cross-reference the hockey schedule and for that fault I have already missed out on one of Miami's greatest victories. Of course their greatest victory (bigger than any of the victories from the Roethlisberger or Szczerbiak eras) of all time would be if they won a national championship on Saturday. They will be underdogs against the top-seeded Terriers of Boston, but as I have found out in hockey (especially in this tournament) it is almost a coin flip when it comes down to one game.

Of course I am only a short 2 hour drive from Oxford, OH right now. Is it a bad idea to drive down through the corn fields, grab some Bagel and Deli and find a spot at Skippers to watch the Redhawks hockey team? I can reluctantly answer yes it is a bad idea because I already have plans for Saturday night. If those plans fall through (which they won't) I can guarantee you that I will make my way to Oxford and toast a team that has brought me into the fold of yet another sport. Hockey for this moment reigns supreme in my life. Go Redhawks!

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