Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dogs and updates

I am working on a long post right now that I anticipate will be finished by the end of the week, so stay tuned loyal blog readers. In the meantime a few quick updates and one observation. The one observation is that I get annoyed at people who refer to their pets as if they are children. Specifically if someone says something like "Buttercup just really loves his Mama." This is confusing to someone who doesn't know the person because the initial thought is that this deranged speaker named their child Buttercup. Once the listener realizes that they are talking about their dog or cat then they must only think this person is slightly strange.

Other quick updates:
  • This weekend I am going on a roadtrip surrounding the 3 Bs that should be essential to any guy's summer: baseball, BBQ and beer. If you were so inclined I guess you could add to that list "buds" or if you were single maybe even "brunettes." I am going to stick with the first 3 Bs though as I explore the best baseball, BBQ and beer in St. Louis and Kansas City. Stay tuned for my ballpark reviews of the new Busch Stadium as well as the renovated Kauffman Stadium.
  • M and I are heading back to MS for Memorial Day. A Stamps burger will be on the schedule as long as there is no family reunion conflict for the Stamps family.
  • The weekend after that M and I move into our new place in Edina. Like everything else there is more to come later.

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