Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michael Jordan

I don't know if there will ever be a player I dislike more than Michael Jordan.   Sure there have been times when I have disliked Tyler Hansbrough, Tim Tebow, Barry Bonds or Chris Webber, but none of them carry along the same level of disdain I have for the "greatest basketball player of all time."    Jordan played for hated rival UNC (thus giving UNC a nice recruiting pitch for the next 100 years) before going off to Chicago and helping the Bulls beat the Jazz in the 1997 and 1998 Finals.  He was a very talented player, but the way he carried himself on and off the court was something that irked me.   He seemed phony.  He was someone would have no problem playing the smiling ad man on TV, while on the court he looked like a tyrant of a teammate.   

That is why all of this talk about his Hall of Fame speech has been so gratifying.  I have enjoyed reading other writers criticize Jordan for what I thought was a tasteless speech especially considering the moment.  If you care read the articles linked below:

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Dan McGowan said...

Jordan's speech bothered me because we hold him to the highest of standards. Writers who have given him a pass forever keep calling it "Jordan being Jordan," but that's not the guy I rooted for as a kid.

I wrote about this on my website as well, and said he was very disappointing. Check it out, I'd love to get your feedback.