Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

It has been awhile since I tried to get some random thoughts down on my blog, so let me try to address all relevant and not so relevant topics that have been floating around in my head:

  • This team is starting to grow on me.   Of course it only took the entire summer, but I am really starting to enjoy watching this completely average team.   They keep getting setbacks like Slowly's injury, Perkins/Liriano's disappearance, Morneau's injury and now Span's mild concussion.   They have responding with lineups that include players like Matt Tolbert, Nick Punto, Brendan Harris and starting pitchers like Brian Duensing.  
  • By the Twins as I write this are 3 games behind the Tigers with an 8-5 lead against the White Sox.
  • This past Saturday they finally had their signature win of the season.   Thanks to a Cabrerra  Metrodome double (are opposing teams more excited about Target Field than the Twins?) followed by a Kubel hit and another clutch Cuddyer home run the Twins treated my parents to a 6-2 victory over the Tigers ace Justin Verlander.  
  • The Twins will continue to be must see TV as long as their games behind is greater than the number of games they have left against the Tigers.  Right now it is 3 compared to 4.
  • The pro team (the Dolphins) had a unique loss yesterday on the anniversary of the Wildcat.  I could write chapters about the conservative play calling, the defense, the terrible missed holding calls and of course the missed Ted Ginn Jr. touchdown. What frustrated me most was the final 3 minutes and the Dolphins final possession.  A team could probably never run a worse 2 minute drill while still advancing the ball down the field.  
  • I partially blame the loss yesterday on poor preparation by my fellow Dolphins fan and me.  We had the plan in place to get ribs and chopped pork from Ted Cook's (the reigning BBQ champ in our minds) only to find out that Ted Cook's is closed on Monday.   Of course it has been so long since we had a Monday Night Football game to get excited about, so we didn't even consider the possibility that Ted Cook's would be closed.  
  • The college team (The Redhawks) might be the worst team in college football.  They were ranked as such last week and after a loss to one of the directional Michigans I don't see why their spot will change.  
Wedding planning
  • The current question that I am asking myself is how best to figure out how many people will actually show up at the wedding?  As a professional forecaster I am probably doing way too much analysis on the probabilities on my Wedding List excel grid.   Yes, I am that much of a dork.   
  • I don't know if I mentioned this, but M and I have picked a date, church, reception place, bridal party, dress (for her), dresses (for her bridesmaids) and are currently working on DJ and photographer.   And by working I mean I watch the Twins game and she emails people.   
  • Any ideas on entrance theme/music for the bridal party?   I want to continue with the basketball theme especially since there are 5 groomsmen and 5 bridesmaids.  
  • The BBQ idea for the rehearsal dinner is still a possibility.   I think I might have to do some convincing of key parties, but at least it is still in the running.
  • Why do people say things like "I'm not even lying, but..." or "Quite honestly?"   Really?  I am supposed to trust these people ever again after saying that?
  • Is it just that Democrats think that there is a lot of luck in the world and that Republicans think that there is little to no luck?   Does that explain each side's position on welfare, affirmative action and now this healthcare debate?   As a generalization do Republicans just believe that you get were you are because of what you do and not because of society.   The world is a just place and left to their free will people are treated fairly by the market.  If you are without healthcare or a job it is because you are either dumb or you didn't work hard and not because of any other thing.   Does that sum things up?
  • Shouldn't somebody come up with a healthy alternative to the cigarette break?  I sure would like to take a break every hour or two to talk with some fellow coworkers or friends outside.  
That's it for now.   I am going to try and forget about football for awhile and just focus on the Twins.   Let's hope for the best.

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