Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wedding Update - Marrying in the Catholic Church

M and I decided to get married in a Catholic Church, which wasn't a shocking decision since her entire immediate family is Catholic. I was raised Episcopalian, but that doesn't seem to be a deal breaker for the Catholic Church. In fact below is all you need to do to get your very own Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony:
  • M had to agree to consider the possibility of raising the kids Catholic. This seems to differ based on who you talk to since there are some people who think that in order to be married in Catholic Church you have to sign your children up for a life of a being a Catholic.

  • Pre-Cana: This is a 1.5 day pre-wedding prep session where you go over what it will be like to be married. There are a lot of gender stereotypes and lectures on the differences between men and women. If you go to class in Minnesota you will find out that the main problems that the wife has with their husband revolve around hockey and hunting. We went through this in the summer.

  • FOCUS - This is a standardized test that is designed to raise up compatibility flags. We took this on Sunday and got the results back yesterday. Randomly the person who administered the test and gave back the results just happened to one of my softball umpires.

  • Agree to have children. This isn't a specific class or something you have to sign, but it is definitely heavily implied. All that I would like to comment on right now is that I am very happy that H is in the family.

I am happy to report that M and I pass all of the requirements. We have received the certification from Pre-Cana and our standardized test came back with an acceptable compatibility score. It is really good that there were no big issues that came up, because the whole wedding thing is already well under way as you can probably tell from the wedding updates.

Not much else to report today, but I will try to get out a new post tomorrow.


Mary said...

Just one correction... I actually had to sign a document saying that I take responsibility for raising our kids catholic... It wasn't quite as quishy as you desrcibed.

I'm glad they think we're compatable. :)

Anonymous said...

We did not have to go through anything other than Pre-Cana. We did not agree to anything child specific and went as far as picking out the readings to fit both sides of the family (my side wasn't Catholic). I was not going to promise something we did not intend to keep.