Friday, February 12, 2010

Wedding Update - Bachelor Party

The whole idea of a Bachelor Party for me seems weird. Not that it isn't fun to go out with guys have a few cocktails, watch a game and have a cigar. I enjoy all of those activities. The weird thing is having part of the focus on me. I would prefer the trip to just be a guy's weekend, but in order to rally the troops I was willing to use the brand equity of it being "bachelor party." Anyway, without further ado the guys weekend/bachelor party will take place in Kansas City, MO. For anyone who consistently reads this blog they might understand my affection for Kansas City after reading posts like this "Missouri baseball trip."

Why do I like Kansas City and why would I pick such a random place for a guy's weekend? Well, it comes down to a few things:
  1. Great barbecue - breakfast, lunch and dinner. If that doesn't scream guy's weekend then I don't know what else would.

  2. Power and Light District

  3. Twins - Royals at the K. I have always wanted to go to a Twins series down in Kansas City and now I have the perfect excuse. It will be great to see the defending AL Central champs in action on the road.

The details of the trip are still being worked out by the best man, but all in all it should be a fun time.

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