Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding Update - Honeymoon

I could spend this entire post writing about how one should not use a travel agent. Instead I will just use a paragraph to express my frustration with the one that M and I hired. She was not easy to work with, quoted us too expensive of prices and didn't really seem to understand what we wanted. It was clear she wasn't as interested as we were in planning a great trip at a great price. After many, many emails back and forth we finally were able to get her to match the price that we had looked up on orbitz.com. My advice to anyone with even just a little experience with the travel websites is to cut out the middleman and just book the trip yourself.

Now that I have written that it is on to the good news and the official announcement. Our honeymoon over the 4th of July will be spent in Spain. Specifically we will be spending 3 days on an island of the coast of Spain called Majorca (or Mallorca) soaking up the sun and then 3 days in Barcelona. Some interesting tidbits of the trip revolve around a sport that I didn't even think of when booking the trip.
  • They are crazy about soccer in Spain and according to my coworker from Germany they get even more excited about the sport in Mallorca. Well we will be there when the semifinals of a little tournament called the World Cup are going on.
  • Spain's national team are the current UEFA European champions in soccer.
  • They are the number 1 ranked team in the FIFA World Rankings.
  • They never have won a World Cup.
  • Conclusion - It will be crazy if Spain makes it to the semifinals.

Anyway, we are both really excited for the trip. Neither of us has been to Spain and I have only been to Europe once. Finally my 7 years of learning Spanish courtesy of St. Andrew's Episcopal School will come in handy. Adios amigios.


Laurie said...

Hi, I realize you wrote this a month ago but I'm just catching up. How exciting! Ben and I went to Barcelona a few years ago and my brother studied there for a semester - we have lots of recommendations!


Kevin Malphurs said...

That is exciting. I didn't know that you and Ben went to Barcelona or we would have definitely called you to get your thoughts. I talked to J-Shack and my friend Julie about the trip. We will have to talk soon.