Saturday, November 27, 2010

BCS debate

There are many reasons why I cheer for the non BCS conference teams in college football. Not only did I go to a school that plays in a small conference, but I can understand the difficulty these teams have in competing with teams from the power conferences. They lose out more often than not when recruiting the top high school players. When given a chance the better coaches almost always *jump to more money and a better program. That is part of basic nature of college football and while it isn't equal it is fair. That is fine. What really upsets me is not the above points, but the unfair playing competition in college football.

*Miami University is known as the cradle of coaches, which everyone associated with the school is proud of despite the fact that it basically means that coaches come to Miami before going to another job. There is a reason why Ohio State isn't the cradle of coaches. If you are successful at Miami you go to Ohio State. If you are successful at Ohio State you stay at Ohio State.

A team from a non-BCS conference can go undefeated. They can be the best team in the country with plenty of NFL talent. They can keep their coach from going somewhere else and build a successful program. They can take 4 star recruits and make them 5 star players. A team like that can do all the right things and still not stand a chance. That is the frustrating thing. The 2008 Utah team and the 2009 Boise State team were playing blackjack with the aces removed.
Yesterday was a tough day watching college football. In a perfect world either Auburn or Oregon would lose and Boise State would win. I would have loved to see a Boise State - Auburn/Oregon title game because it would finally be a BCS title game with a team from a non-BCS conference. The reason I liked Boise State over TCU is I feel like they are a better team and would stand a better chance of beating either Auburn or Oregon. They beat TCU last year and returned almost every single player. They stood the best chance of a non-BCS conference breaking through the "cartel" as Michael Wilbon calls it on PTI.

Well Auburn won in a game that Alabama completely chocked on.

Oregon won in a typically impressive 2nd half performance over Arizona.

Then Boise State played another incredibly difficult road game (combined with the first game of the year against Virginia Tech) against Nevada. They had their chances and lost because of a Murphy's Law type of 2nd half. It might have been an instant classic, but it was depressing for someone who liked Boise State.

Now it is down to Oregon State and South Carolina to beat either Oregon or Auburn to give TCU a chance. Boise State is finished despite a team that I would still take over either Oregon (who they beat last year) or Auburn. TCU could be on the cliched outside looking in through no fault of their own. Consider me a fan of the Horned Frogs. More importantly consider me a fan of a playoff that would allow every team in the nation the chance to win the title.

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