Monday, November 15, 2010

Writing Style

I know my writing isn't perfect. Sometimes I misspell words. Sometimes I am not grammatically correct. Often I can be wordy and a little bit too focused on sports. My writing style is my own and I can understand that not all people (or not many) like it. That being written here are there four writing styles that I absolutely can't stand.

1. Excessive exclamation points - To tell you the truth I don't normally like even one exclamation point, but I can understand that when you are trying to convey excitement a well placed exclamation point can be useful. However, the people who write in nothing but exclamation points confuse me. Why do some people on facebook have to write like that? "I'm going out to lunch! The chicken bacon ranch at Subway was so good! I think I am going to take a nap!!!!."

2. Guys who use smiley faces - For some reason I don't mind as much when girls do it, but when a guy uses a smiley face in an email it makes me think that they are hitting on me. I know that isn't fair. I know that when guys use smiley faces in emails it is just a way of adding some levity to the situation. It creeps me out though.

3. People who space out every sentence.

For example there are certain writers who try to start every article with a dramatic statement.

And then they follow up with something even more dramatic.

Before asking a question that makes it more dramatic.

Why is this writing style dramatic?

Maybe I just don't understand?

4. Capitalizing random words. For example: "The show Community is on right Now and I really enjoy watching such a great Show."

I know this blog post will probably come back to haunt me. There are probably 10 different faults you can find with my writing style. I know I do many things wrong, but my one hope is that I never do one of the four things I highlighted above.


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I read something once that has always made me think twice about using exclamation marks. "You only get so many exclamation marks in your life. Once you use them up, you die."