Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Twins ticket draft

I went in with a group of friends for a full season of tickets for the Minnesota Twins. This year I signed up for 10 games, and tonight we had our draft. Below are my round by round selections:
  1. Friday, August 19th - New York Yankees: This was an easy 3rd pick (1st was opening game and 2nd pick was the Saturday Yankees game) because the Yankees are a marquee team, a predicted warm day and a weekend game.
  2. Tuesday, August 9th - Boston Red Sox: This was a little bit tougher, but I decided to go for another marquee team over a Friday or Saturday night game. Also, I know someone who is a Red Sox fan, who probably would enjoy going to this game. It was tough picking between this game and the next game on my list.
  3. Tuesday, June 28th - Los Angeles Dodgers: I was very pleased that the Dodgers game was still available come round three. My favorite team growing up was the Dodgers and I really wanted to see them versus my current favorite team.
  4. Sunday, May 29th - Anaheim Angels: This was the one game on my list that I had to get. My brother-in-law is coming in town that weekend and I promised him tickets to the Sunday Angels game, so that he could see Target Field. It was risky to wait till the 4th round, but I predicted that the game was still available and I wanted the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers games more. This was my favorite of all the picks.
  5. Sunday, June 19th - San Diego Padres: Interleague and weekend game made this a pretty easy selection.
  6. Sunday, August 28th - Detroit Tigers: My third straight Sunday game, which was an unexpected occurrence. At this point it was clear there I wasn't going to be getting more than one Friday or Saturday games. Picking the Tuesday Dodgers and Red Sox games kind of sealed my fate on the lack of Friday or Saturday night games.
  7. Tuesday, July 19th - Cleveland Indians: This late of the draft I was just hoping for a warm game. Middle July against the Indians certainly works there.
  8. Tuesday, May 24th - Seattle Mariners: I love seeing Ichiro play, so that was another pretty easy selection.
  9. Tuesday, April 26th - Tampa Bay Rays: Not many selections left, so I pick an April game because up till this selection I didn't have any games before May 24th.
  10. Wednesday, April 13th (noon) - Kansas City Royals: For my last pick I was stuck with a weekday April game against the Royals. I will either have to work around this game or sell these tickets, because I don't think I have the vacation time to this day off.
Overall I am pleased with the games I ended up picking. It hopefully will be a great season for the Twins that ends with me using these seats in the playoffs.

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