Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mason Plumlee

Dear Mason Plumlee,

Do you want to be a 1st round draft pick? I know you might be shocked to still even be in the discussion after the year you have had, but I checked Chad Ford's top 100 and somehow you are still the 21st ranked player. Apparently it doesn't matter that you averaged 3.7 points per game last year and only 7.1ppg this year. It is also makes little difference that your free throw shooting % this year is 43%. It seems like NBA scouts still consider you a potential 1st round pick because you are tall, quick and generally a good athlete.

For the majority of this season, my impression of you has been that you are Josh McRoberts 2.0. Both of you were big time recruits from Indiana that were supposed to help the Duke front court. The height (6-10 each) and weight (220lbs) were remarkably similar with the only main difference being that McRoberts was left handed. However, I checked your numbers with the numbers from McRoberts' sophomore year and it is pretty clear that you haven't had a more productive year. Below is a chart comparing the two years:

Overall, you haven't had a good year. You turn the ball over too much and your offensive moves consist of dunking the ball and hoping you don't get fouled. However, you have been given a chance with tonight's game. Tonight you are going up against projected top 5 pick Derrick Williams from Arizona. If you stop him and have a somewhat productive offensive game, then I can see NBA scouts forgetting your previous 33 games.

It has to be nice to know that with one good game, you can make yourself millions of dollars. That should be enough motivation for you to try and help Duke get to the Elite 8.

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