Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dolphins 2011 Draft Preview

It is an annual tradition for me to try and offer my free, unsolicited advice to the Dolphins, Timberwolves and Jazz on who they should draft. I feel much more confident in my basketball knowledge, but that still doesn't mean I don't get some fun out of doing a draft preview for the NFL. Anyway, if you were curious here is my short 2010 preview for the Dolphins. The Dolphins ended up going with option 1 and trading down. In retrospect I wish they would have gone with option 4 and picked Earl Thomas of Texas.

Option 1: Draft Ryan Mallett of Arkansas. The Dolphins need a quarterback and after watching a few Arkansas games, I came away impressed with Mallett. The character concerns don't bother me much, and I think the potential to get a really good player at a position of need is there.

Option 2: Trade down and draft Ryan Mallett of Arkansas. If the Dolphins want to gamble that he will still be available at the end of the 1st round or even the 2nd round then it makes sense to trade down and get an additional pick. This is risky though.

Option 3: Draft Jake Locker of Washington. I am not sold on him, but he is a good athlete and this article helped convince me that there would be worse picks out there.

Option 4: Draft Mike Pouncey of Florida. When in doubt draft an offensive lineman.

Option 500: Draft Mark Ingram of Alabama. In other words I am not going to be pleased if the Dolphins use their 1st round pick on a slow running back.

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