Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dolphins 2010 Draft preview

There are only a few more hours until the first round of the NFL draft starts up and I wanted to get my thoughts down in writing. This way looking back years from now people can either praise my genius or laugh at my analysis. I think it is a 50/50 coin flip on which way this analysis will go because unlike the NBA I don't pretend to be that knowledgeable about the NFL draft. With the NBA draft I have the luxury of statistical analysis combined with plenty of hours watching college basketball. I don't have same two luxuries with the NFL draft, so mostly my analysis comes from what I read and what I know about the Dolphins. With that disclaimer being written here is what I am hoping from the 2010 draft for the Fins.

Option 1 - Trade down. Take the 12th pick in the draft and move down in the 1st round by picking up another 2nd round pick.

Option 2 - Draft Rolando McLain. I know they already have high priced free agent Karlos Dansby, but I still like the idea of drafting a good SEC linebacker in the 12th spot. It kind of reminds me of 2007, when Patrick Willis went 11th to the 49ers.

Option 3 - Draft Dan Williams of Tennessee. I don't normally like drafting defensive tackles in the first round, but the Dolphins really need one and this seems to be the guy that might still be available for Miami. I honestly have no idea if he will be any good and I wouldn't want to be the one drafting him, but everybody else seems to think this pick makes sense. This is assuming he is even still available.

Option 4- Draft Earl Thomas of Texas. The Dolphins need safety help and Thomas could be a good fit with their young cornerbacks.

Other than that I would like it if the Dolphins took a Mississippi running back (Anthony Dixon or Dexter McCluster). We will see how the draft turns out.

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