Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As I Get Older

There are certain things that are very important in my life. I love traveling, eating at decent restaurants and enjoying the advantages of living in a big city. A good portion of my personal life revolves around those three things. There doesn’t even have to be a good reason for me to try a new restaurants or plan a vacation. I find these areas of life to be the joy that gets me through the day to day minutia.

As I get I get older I find that what I value isn’t the same as what other people value. Other people don’t like traveling. They don’t care if they’ve never been to Europe or even many of the big cities in the US. Going from home to work and back is enough traveling for them.They don’t feel the need to see something that they can watch on TV.

Other people also don’t like eating at new restaurants or trying unfamiliar food. I can better understand that because I am kind of a picky eater, but still I like to think I will at least try new foods. Also, I like to try the best in quality of food. Given the choice between waiting an hour for the best BBQ and waiting 10 minutes for decent BBQ, I would pick the first option. As I get older I find out that more people would pick the second option.These type of people are fine with a less quality (think Applebee's) and don't have much interest in venturing out of their comfort zone. I don't really like chain restaurants because I think that their normally isn't much difference in price, but a huge change in quality. However, for a lot of *people I have found that they just don’t care.

*Hornets guard Quincy Pondexter's favorite restaurant in New Orleans is Applebee's. You can read his explanation under the 3rd bullet in this article.

Living in Minneapolis means that we have access to 4 major sports teams (the Vikings, Wild, Twins and Twolves) and a Big Ten school. Any given weekend you can see a comedy show, the orchestra, a concert, etc. If you want to do something then you can probably find something to do. Of course as I get older I find that people don’t always want to do stuff. I understand that kids can be time and money consuming, but there is a difference between those people that can’t do stuff and people who choose not to do anything. I have found plenty of people, who just don’t have any interest in dealing with things outside their normal day to day.

Overall this can be disheartening for me to hear. Should I really be worried about what other people do with their life? Probably not, but the lack of passion is just something that makes me very confused. I can understand people who have different interests than me, but it is hard for me to understand people who don't have any interests.

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