Thursday, June 30, 2011

What am I reading?

In case you were curious here are my go to websites/blogs that I follow on a semi-regular basis:

General Interest - The articles can be a little random (on the front page is a story about someone who made a computer from scratch), but I find the randomness to actually be an advantage of the site. The writers tend to take a small subject matter and go very in-depth with the analysis of it. Also, there is an emphasis on personal stories about people exploring something new or looking at things in a different way.

Freakonomics Blog - I used to follow this a lot more, but now it is fallen down to a once a week site. I still think there are interesting posts out there, but generally speaking it isn't as good as it once was.

We Got Served - This is a great site to use if you are curious about any Twin Cities restaurant options. The writers are a husband/wife combo, who combine good writing with excellent pictures. One thing I like about the blog is that it is made for normal people and not food snobs. From this blog I've gotten some excellent recommendations like Brasa and Muffaletta's.

Paul Krugman's NY Times blog - This is a great blog to read if you are curious about what is going on in the political world. I really enjoyed Krugman's posts on Paul Ryan's budget plan.

Finance (Also, every few months I run an Instant X-Ray on my stock portfolio) - I like the set up on Morningstar and use this whenever I'm looking at stocks to either buy or sell.

Google Finance - This is a daily site I click on just to see how the market is doing in general. For individual stocks I normally go to Morningstar, but for for the market this is my favorite site.

DINKS Finance - This is a new blog that I've been following. The focus is on personal finance, which is almost always a subject I'm interested in reading.

Friend's blogs
Aric Goodard's personal blog about his kids - Updated pretty regularly with plenty of pictures.

Bethany's blog - Only 1 post since April, but I enjoy reading when Bethany does post.

M's blog - This is updated about once a month. When it is updated I enjoy hearing M's thoughts on the books she has been reading.

Buck's blog - This blog used to be updated almost daily, but since early May there have been a lack of posts. I always check just to see if there is anything new, since I enjoy (even if I don't always understand) my brother-in-law's viewpoints.

Joe Posnanski - This is my favorite writer right now. I enjoy his intelligent, passionate, long-winded takes on current subjects ranging from baseball to life to Kansas City. This is something I check every day.

Grantland - This is a new site started by Bill Simmons (the Sportsguy) and it is already something that I like checking out daily. I enjoy the writing of Simmons and Chuck Klosterman, and am curious about the new writers that are contributing.

The Point Forward - This is a good NBA blog run by Zach Lowe. I would be saying it was a good blog, even if some of my Salt City Hoops posts weren't picked up by him. I think Lowe does a great job of concise writing about the current NBA subjects of the day.

The Wages of Wins Journal - Another NBA blog that I use because I like the statistical takes on things like the Draft.

Twins Blog: Aaron Gleeman - If you are a Twins fan then I highly recommend this site.

Twins Blog: Seth Speaks - This is really good for any Twins fans, who are especially curious about the Twins minor league system. I go here to see how Brian Dozier is doing.

Seth Curry Saves Duke - I follow this blog more during the Duke basketball season, and I enjoy reading Shane's work. Also, I've shared a few emails with the writer, and he seems like he is a pretty decent guy.

Salt City Hoops - Since I write for this Utah Jazz blog, then of course it had to make the list.
TrueHoop - I check this NBA blog on a daily basis.


Bethany said...

I appreciate that you read my blog Kevin. Sorry for only having 1 post since April...getting married takes up a lot of time. We have no plans this weekend so I have full intentions of updating it and catching back up. Hope you guys have a good 4th of July weekend!

Bethany said...

ok - so I failed again and didn't get to my blog this weekend. You can be mad at me if you want...