Friday, December 30, 2011

Current State of Mind

The funny thing about writing about yourself is the level of criticism that come upon real emotion. If you tend to be nothing but positive, then people will think you are bragging and should show a proper level of modesty. The people on facebook who always write about their great life are pretty annoying - at least according to most of my friends. However, if you do nothing but complain then those same people will be upset at you for being negative. It almost seems like the world is just hoping everyone is as bland as most athletes during a press conference.

For the most part I follow the rules above. On facebook I wanted to write about how great my Christmas gifts were (an iPad, gift certificates to Chick-Fil-A, Skyline, etc), but refrained because I didn't want it to come across as bragging. Also, I'm not someone who likes to complain about big things like a job, family issues, etc. since airing any type of dirty laundry on such a public space seems foolish. Most of my facebook comments seem to fluctuate between thank yous to people or what I consider to be witty comments. Ex. my last facebook post was "I'm not saying that I took a new job just because it was close to a *Chick-Fil-A, but it is an added job perk." 

*I might have a Chick-Fil-A obsession, but that is another post for another day.

Anyway, for those of you that read the blog you get the more honest version. I will brag, complain and comment on my life. The reason is that I don't think many people really read this thing. Sure, I know that I have a few regulars and it isn't like I am going to be 100% unfiltered, since I know this blog is a simple Google search away from any potential friends or employers. Still, this gives me the time and space to write out my thoughts and hope that a few people out there care.
Now that is over let me just say how happy I am with my life. I have a wonderful, supportive wife who complements me in many ways. I admire the way she conducts herself, and we seem to share the same big picture thoughts on how our life should be led. It has been a welcome surprise to me how much I've enjoyed being married. One of the big reasons is that practically speaking it has led to a lot less stress. When you share decisions, responsibilities, etc it just makes things a lot more peaceful.

Also, I recently spent a week back home in Mississippi with my family and friends. It is amazing to me that I haven't lived in Mississippi for 10 years, but still can count on the same people. During the trip, M and I went to visit two of my friends at their parents houses, and we spent the time just sitting around talking. We told stories, provided updates on our lives and just enjoyed each other's company. M remarked that spending so much time with the parents of friends wasn't something that happened as much in Ohio. If that is the case then I am happy to have grown up in Mississippi. It gives me a sense of place to go back and spend time with both my friends and their parents. Also, they spoil me with their compliments and hospitality, so that isn't bad either.

As for other things I am happy to have a sister that I can still look up to. She (with help from her spouse of course) has done a great job of parenting my two nephews, and I am thrilled with the new additions to our family. It will be exciting as an uncle to see those two grow over the years. Also, just like always I can look at her life and (hopefully) see what my life will be like in 5-6 years. It was like that with high school, college, marriage, etc. She has always provided a good path for me.

Finally, I am always impressed with the people in my life that are naturally positive and uplifting. It is very motivating to spend time with people like my nephew H, my Mom, my friends, etc. They sometimes get upset (like normal people), but it isn't there natural state. I love being able to relax, smile and enjoy life without feeling like someone is getting short-changed or offended. It might be hard to define the same characteristics that make them that way, but the end result is that you want to spend more time with these people. Also,a a side note, I'm happy because it isn't like you get to pick your parents. It's blind luck. Thankfully, I'm happy with the cards that were dealt, and it is nice that over time the word "want" has replaced "have to" in the sentence "I have to spend time with my parents."

There are still things in my life that are missing. I'm new to a job, and it can be tough starting over again with a new company. I'm optimistic, since the work seems to be rewarding, and I like my coworkers. Also, we need to find a place to live, which means A) finding a house, B) negotiating a fair price, C) moving and D) getting used to a significantly higher mortgage payment. Finally, it has been difficult leaving Minneapolis and starting over in Columbus. I'm hoping to find a friend group that consist of the best of Mississippi and Minnesota, but I know that will likely take effort and time. One of my flaws is that I can be impatient, and that is probably true with the job, house and friend situations.

Anyway, maybe I am just in such a good mood because I had Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and Skyline for lunch (thanks to the gift cards) or because I am feeling especially flush with Christmas spirit. Things are most likely to change soon, so I thought that in the meantime I would write down the reasons for my current state of happiness.

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