Wednesday, December 7, 2011

House Hunting in Ohio

Big changes happening in M and I's life. My last post was from Paris, and since then we flew back to Minnesota, spent a week packing, hosted a going away party, said goodbyes to our friends and drove to Ohio.That all led up to a day of house hunting yesterday. We are looking at this small city about 10 minutes from downtown Columbus and 15 minutes from where we will work. The homes were mostly built in the 1920s and the neighborhood seems to be a very close-knit community. At lunch our real estate agent knew about 5 different people at the restaurant. Everyone seems to know everybody else in Bexley.

Anyway, we found three different homes we really liked. Since then one went under contract, but there are still a few options. Below is what we were considering.

303 S. Ardmore Road:
  • Pros: Great kitchen and lower level (family room, sun room, etc). Also, really nicely maintained. Finally, a better price.
  • Cons: 3 bedrooms and the 3rd bedroom is more the size (8' x 10') of a nursery.
2354 Bexley Park Road:
  • Pros: Really great lower level. There is a finished basement, but it is small.
  • Cons: Expensive. Also, the backyard could use improvement. The kitchen is small too, but there might be an easy fix on that.
There is a 3rd option as well, but it is a home this guy bought and is rehabbing the entire inside. It looks terrible now, but should look amazing when he is finished. We saw another home he rehabbed and were extremely impressed. Lots of big decisions ahead. Do we buy one of the ones above? Do we wait till more come on the market? Do we go with the rehab one? We will be doing another round of house hunting tomorrow.


Bethany said...

I personally like the first one on Adrmore Rd more based completely on the kitchen. That kitchen looks beautiful and I know how much you guys like to cook. I would be curious to see the rehabbed home when he is done. It sounds pretty cool. Good luck with the house hunting!

Jenny said...

See, house hunting is so personal, which is why there are so many different houses out there. I like the second one. I think a 4th bedroom is essential, and I thought it had a lot of potential. They both they great. Based on M's recent FB posts, you didn't fall in love with anything. That's okay, too. The more you look, the easier it will be when you find "the one." Hopefully something comes up quickly, but if not, it will be worth the wait.