Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Home, New Blog

M and I in our quest to find the "perfect" home have certain categories with homes we see;

Category 1: Not a real possibility because of certain non-negotiable characteristics.

Category 2: Interest in the home, but with the idea that we need to do big structural changes. When we start talking about adding on an addition then we know it is probably not the home for us.

Category 3: Interest in the home as it is with the only changes being small minor things like painting and maybe some interior remodeling.

We found a home in category 3 and will be looking at it again tomorrow. If we like it, then we will put an offer on the home and go from there. Here is the link if you were curious: 254 S Cassady Ave.

Also, if you were missing my thoughts on the basketball (Duke specifically) I started writing a few posts for Tobacco Road Blues. Below are my three posts from there:

Duke-UNC preview
Being Wrong....
Does UNC lack a killer instinct?

Happy week-a-versary of Austin Rivers shot against UNC.

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