Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday?

While most of the country prepares for Super Bowl 46 (sorry I'm not doing roman numerals), M and I are more concerned with where we are going to live come Super Bowl 47. Yesterday, we spent about four hours house hunting in Bexley and are happy to report that we are most likely to put an offer in on a house today. We are hesitant about putting in the offer and also for our offer actually to be accepted, so I am trying not to get too excited. Anyway, the address of the house is 192 S. Cassady Avenue and you can find pictures by clicking on this link.

If you click on the link and compare the details with what we wanted in a house, then you can easily understand why we are hesitant. This home is only 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, which is 1 bedroom and 1 bath short of what we actually wanted. That is the main fault. The other roadblock between us admiring the home and actually owning the home is that the real estate agent informed us that there was "going to be another offer." That is concerning for two reasons. 1) This might be part of the game. There might not be another offer, but this is a good way of us bumping up our price. It might be slightly unethical, but depending on the wording you can get away with "I thought there was going to be another offer, but at the last minute they changed their mind." 2) If there is really another serious offer then that might entice a bidding war. If that is the case we will lose. I don't want to fall victim to the Winner's Curse.

Anyway, those are the big two cons, but the reason we are even a little bit excited (instead of just being nervous) is that the pros are plentiful. We love the following;

-Curb Appeal
-Driveway (perfect for basketball)
-Huge two car garage (room for ping pong)
-Spacious Living Room
-Nice Dining Room
-French Doors
-Natural Light
-Basement (finished room)
-Central Bexley
-Flow of House

Anyway, there is a lot consider with the house. In the perfect world we could get the house at a reasonable price, add a master suite addition and live there for the next 50 years of our life. However, a lot can go wrong to prevent us from living in the dream home. There is considerable amount of risk when talking about this level of financial commitment, but I think it is potentially worth it and hope for the best. 

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