Monday, August 20, 2012

We own a home

A year and a half ago I wrote a blog post called The Lenten Season of My Life. The main point was summarized by the one sentence - "I feel like my life is now focused on what I do not have and what has been given up." Now looking back I am happy to report that we can cross one thing off the list because as of Friday M and I are officially home owners. It might have taken a little bit longer than expected, but in the end everything worked out. We got a home that I absolutely in love with and while I might not want to do the previous 9 months again it was a good experience. M's mother welcomed us into her home and I am extremely grateful for the hospitality.

Now instead of looking backward or only at the near future, we are able to really look at things years down the road. We have a house. We have the neighborhood. We have the mortgage payments. It is something we have prepared for mentally and financially since early on in our relationship, and the plans are coming to fruition. This entire weekend I walked around with a smile on my face because of all the great things that have happened and how pleased I am with the house.

I will have more to write (and talk) about with the house in the future, but here are some pictures.

The POD after 9 months. Somewhat surprisingly everything seemed to be there and in working order.

Right after closing

Our living room.

The wine/liquor rack

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