Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello again

I started this blog five years ago and up until last month had never missed a full month without some type of update. My apologies. I don't really have any good excuse. I have had plenty of things to write about and just haven't sat down and put my thoughts to the computer. Here are the things I missed and if you want one to be written about then just let me know:

-An open letter to fellow Miami alum Paul Ryan
-AT&T Park review
-Yankee Stadium review
-Comerica Park review
-Minneapolis trip recap
-Napa trip recap
-Pictures and thoughts on our home
-The wonderful feeling of being a Dolphins fan
-Duke 2012/2013 basketball preview

As you can see there are a lot of things that I've been meaning to write about. I will try to get to them soon.

1 comment:

Bethany M said...

I want to read your letter to Paul Ryan and see pictures and thoughts of the house now that you are settled in :)