Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 NBA Draft Preview

I'm running out of time to do my NBA Draft Preview, so this is going to be short. Here are my thoughts:

  • I know it makes sense from an advanced metrics perspective and from a skill standpoint (better outside shooting and better defense), but it still is crazy to me that Karl-Anthony Towns is likely going over Okafor. Okafor was truly outstanding all year long and while Towns might have more potential it does worry me that he was a good but not critical player for Kentucky. I think it might be easier to be produce better advanced numbers when you are less of a top option (Towns played 21.1 minutes per game) than it is for someone who was constantly double-teamed like Okafor.
  • All this hype about the "new-NBA" after the Finals is a little bit overblown. Yes, this year was more about small ball and less about the traditional center position. However, just last year the Spurs won the title thanks in no small part to Tim Duncan. There are big advantages to having a dominant post player. 
  • D'Angelo Russell seems to be universally loved, but I never was that impressed the few times I watched Ohio State. I know his numbers are pretty good and that the highlights of some of his passes were truly impressive, but he didn't seem too athletic, that great of a shooter or someone who can take over a game. I could see him as a starter, but never a star. 
  • This is a homer take, but Justise Winslow is amazing. I would be shocked if he wasn't a productive starter. He could be the best player in the draft.
  • For the Jazz I want them to take Tyus Jones. I could see him challenging Exum for the starting point guard position, complimenting Exum like Trey Burke was supposed to do and worst case scenario being a good backup point guard. I haven't completely given up on Burke, but I wouldn't pass on Jones.
  • It's hard to have an opinion on the players I haven't seen - that seems obvious.
  • Jerian Grant is worth a shot in the middle to late first round. He was just so good at Notre Dame last year. Same thing about Delon Wright. I saw him play a couple times and he just seemed to have complete control of his team.

We will see what happens starting in one minute.

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