Sunday, December 9, 2007

Al Jefferson, the Twolves, and my first Mailbag

Today was another depressing day watching the dreadful Dolphins lose to the Bills. My fellow Dolphins fan and I went to Nba City Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis to watch the game. The food, service, and game was not good, but overall it was an enjoyable experience. The reason being was that 6 Timberwolves players showed up to eat and watch the games. First there was the 6-11 Theo Ratiliff and his $11.6M expiring contract. After that came in my least favorite player in the Nba Rashad McCants (McCan't play in the Nba) from the University of North Carolina. I wanted to ask him about what it was like that he was no longer in the "jail" that was UNC. (For those of you who don't know Rashad McCants once said this about UNC "You're not allowed to say certain things, but once you get out of jail, you're free. (I'm) in my sentence, and I'm doing my time.") Thankfully I refrained from saying anything to him.

After McCants , Ryan Games came in and was followed shortly by Antoine Walker, Gerald Green, and Mississippi's own Al Jefferson. After McCants, Ratliff, and Gomes left I went over and congratulated Walker, Green, and Jefferson for their big win over the Phoenix Suns last night. They were all very appreciative. I told Big Al that I was also from Mississippi and watched him play high school basketball when he was at Prentiss High School. He responded with a "for real" accompanied by a fist pound. After I was finished fawning over the best low post player in the Nba he shock my hand (he initiated it) and thanked me for coming over. He (and Antoine Walker and Gerald Green) handled the situation (a fan randomly coming up to them) exactly how I would have handled the situation if I was in their shoes. They were all gracious and very polite. I am now officially deeming Al Jefferson as my favorite non-Utah Jazz player in the league.

Anyway, in the tradition of one of my favorite college football writers Stewart Mandel I will be doing my inaugural mailbag. My mailbag will be a combination of sports and personal questions, so if you have anything you wanted answered let me know. Overall I don't think Mandel has anything to worry about since the questions my readership is somewhat limited compared to his, but anyway here it goes:

Why does everyone wear Yankees hats? - M

Answer: There are a few reasons why no matter where you are in America and even to a lesser extent the world you see so many hats with the unmistakable NY logo:
  1. New York City is the largest city in the United States and also just happens to double as the media capital of America. New York teams therefore get more attention and thus have more fans. The Yankees even have their own TV channel (the YES Network) devoted entirely to the Yankees and New Jersey Nets.
  2. The Yankees win. For all the talk about people disliking frontrunners, it isn't true. People like winning teams. The Yankees have won 26 World Series titles and will continue to add to that number as the continually spend more and more money on their team.
  3. People tend to idolize New York City. Whether or not it was Seinfield, Sex and the City, or whatever it is portrayed as the best (and only) place to be in the world.
  4. America is from all statistics a fat country. The most famous Yankee player of all time was a fat player, who according to the 100% injury rate blog "claimed his daily breakfast was a pint of whiskey mixed with a pint of ginger ale in a pitcher of ice, followed by a porterhouse steak, four fried eggs, fried potatoes, and a pot of coffee." ( I am not writing that there is a correlation, but it was a good excuse to bring up that story.

What do I think of Bo Pelini being brought in for Nebraska? -Johnny

Answer: I love the move for Nebraska football. It is tough for me not to trust Tom Osborne on this decision since he is one of the greatest football minds of the past 100 years. Osborne could have brought in Pelini, Turner Gill, or anyone short of Cam Cameron and I would have thought he made the right move.

I am excited for next year because Pelini should come in and immediately help a defense that was embarrasing this year. I might even have to make a trip down to Memorial stadium next year to go see the Cornhuskers in person.

That is it for now (I know it is a short mailbag, but I will need to get more questions) as I need to go dream about Roddy White and Marques Colston getting at least 6 points tomorrow, so that I can win in fantasy. Yes, I just had "dream","fantasy", and two football players in one sentance.

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BC said...

Re: Pelini
In their infinite wisdom they should have hired him the last go round.

Re: McCants
The Julius Hodge response was the best. "If it's like jail over there, I definitely don't want to know what they're doing in the shower."

Re: Yankees
Eff them, their network, their 26 world championships, their $250 million payroll, their stadium. Eff all of it. They're the Republican Party of baseball. In fact, they're the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party of baseball. Americans like the Yankees for the same reason they elected Bush twice. They don't know any better.