Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mailbag Part 3

I just got word that my high school is having an alumni basketball game in 10 days. That means I have 10 days to get back in shape. Anyway, here are a 6 more questions that I received.

Do the television writers really deserve a union? - LM

Yes, they deserve a union. The fact of the matter is unions are legal in the United States and if the TV writers think they deserve a union then they are legally able to set one up. Whether or not they “deserve” it is almost pointless. A question about whether or not someone seems to deserve something seems like it would be better reserved for a legal case such as “Does Michael Vick deserve 23 months for dog fighting?”

Can Sex in the City the Movie can compare with Sex in the City the TV show - or should they have left on a high note? - LM

It depends on if you thought the series finale was a high note. I personally found it a little disappointing that all four females ended up with a guy. The entire show was about these close, independent female friends who didn’t need the approval of males (except for Charlotte ) to complete them. It was almost if the male species was just another topic of conversation along with shoes, friends, and drinks. To end up so traditional with every girl getting her knight in shining armor was in my mind somewhat disappointing.

That being written, I definitely think they can do a Sex in the City movie. It would be tough cramming so much into a movie, but the good news is that the character development would already be accomplished through the TV show. The key point would obviously be the main plot line. You wouldn’t want to be as cheesy as Big and Carrie getting married (a la the Saved by the Bell movie), so you would have to pick something that would have some legs. As long as the writers could come up with a one or many conflicts then I think a movie would be a great idea and a huge box office draw.

Why does Randy Moss seem like such a jovial, nice guy now that he's playing for the Patriots? - LM

They are winning, he respects Brady and Bellichek, and he is playing for a contract. Never underestimate the power of the paycheck.

Why is health insurance such a scam? - LM

Not only is health insurance a scam, but all insurance is a scam. I have car insurance that I pay $1400 a year on despite the fact that I have never gotten in wreck. If I were to get in a wreck then my car insurance would go up. If I were to get into another wreck it would go up even more. Insurance companies are there to make money and will set there rates so that they can make money. The overall net of that if the insurance companies are making money and the general populace is losing money. This doesn’t even touch on the fact that health insurance is something that is so much more serious than something like car insurance. I don’t know why the government can control our roads, our police, etc and people are fine with that, but once you start talking about health care some people get upset. I think the government should control health insurance and make it as easy as possible for Americans to get the type of health service they need.

Why do I like bands so much less once they become popular? - LM

The reason being is that you want the band to be 100% committed to the music. Just like I love it when basketball players say that they would play the game for free, you would probably equally like it if a musician said the same thing about strumming a guitar. When a band isn’t popular then they are only possibly making enough money to get by, but hardly enough to go buy a sports car. Therefore you can better assume that they are playing music for their love of music. Once they become popular some people (like you) think that they sold out and that all along they weren’t interested in the music, but rather the pot of gold and the end of the rainbow. That taints your appreciate of their music because you think of it less like an art and more like a commercial entity.

Also, you are snobbish when it comes to bands and you like to like bands that the general public (like me) have never heard of because that reinforces your own personal image of being an elite music connoisseur.

Are you a liberal? - LM

No, I am progressive.


hedleylamarr said...

1. The government should control health insurance? The government has done such a good job managing social security...why not let them control healthcare as well? What is the plan here? If you answer please refrain from mentioning Canada or anything Michael Moore has ever said.

2. A progressive? Seriously? Coming from someone who has worked for Target and Honeywell and has probably never voted for anyone but a Democrat? I think you are just scared to call yourself liberal, even though it matches up best with you ideology. It's like when I was in denial about being a Pastafarian, but you encouraged me to accept my beliefs. I always appreciated the fact that you didn't try to convert me to your Secular Humanism while I was in that vulnerable state.

Kevin Malphurs said...

1. The answer I gave to the health insurance question was obviously not as detailed as it would have to be if it ever was to be implemented. The plan would have to be something that was carefully researched by medical and political experts. I am not someone who has the time to do the research, but if you were to pay me enough to quit my job I would be more than happy to look into it. The point of my answer wasn't that I had a plan, but that I think that there would be a plan out there that is better than the current situation. If that answer is insufficient to your comment let me know. Also, if you want to take a crack at the question I would love to hear your answer.

2. What does working for Target or Honeywell have anything to do with my political beliefs? I know Target is owned by the French, but seriously how does that make me more or less progressive or liberal? I am not scared of calling myself liberal, but I best identify myself as someone who is progressive.

hedleylamarr said...

Umm, progressives have historically been enemies of big corporations. That is what working for Target or Honeywell has to do with it.

Anonymous said...

That LM person sure has a lot of questions. She seems hot.

hedleylamarr said...

Agreed that the healthcare system is flawed, but I don't dare to recommend doing a complete overhaul without hearing a decent plan in place. I'm not suggesting that you devise that detailed plan, but at least give us some indication as to why it would be best to let the government control it other than the "it has to be better than what we have" argument. I haven't heard a politician say anything that makes me comfortable with turning this problem over to him/her to solve.

Personally, I would be very worried about giving the government such important things to control. While on this subject, do you think there is a paradox with the parties' political beliefs regarding government control? It seems like many Democrats are screaming about the government forcing us into war or shoving the Patriot Act down our throats, but those same Democrats are begging the government to take on more control in areas like healthcare.