Saturday, December 1, 2007

Stop the presses

They called a foul on Tyler Hansbrough. I saw it. It was during the 1st half of the Kentucky game. I thought everyone would like to know that it is possible for the refs to call a foul against Hansbrough. In another note so far in the game Tyler Hansbrough has shot 6 free throws (which is 6 more than every player from Kentucky combined).

Other quick hits:
  • M made a good catch when she saw Patrick Paterson pick his nose in front of the espn camera. This wasn't that bad until we saw him eat what he picked. He seems like a great player, but because of that I am glad he didn't pick Duke.
  • Miami U played a disappointing MAC championship game. Maybe next year.
  • Miami U's basketball team (this is a big day for Miami sports) is up 1 point over Louisville though. Go Redhawks.
  • Tim Pollitz has scored 81% of the Redhawks points today against Lousiville. If you haven't seen this guy play you have been missing out. He is a 6-6 post player from Canada who is unstoppable.
  • M just asked if UNC were the Yankees of college basketball.

I have never been a bigger Kentucky fan.

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BC said...

"M just asked if UNC were the Yankees of college basketball."
If any team are the Yankees of college basketball it's either UCLA or Kentucky.