Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Crying Game

My previous post was during halftime of the UNC-Maryland game.  It was a close game and UNC fans were booing the refs or the team.   At the time I thought it was poor sportsmanship. Also, at the time I thought that there was no way that a team like Maryland (who lost to American University and Ohio University) could hold on and beat the #1 ranked Tar Heels.  I guess karma had another idea on the game.  Despite a horrible call at the end of the game (how did the refs not see two Carolina players hit the ball out of bounds is beside me) the Tar Heels ended up losing on a last second miss from Tyler Hansbrough.  (Seriously, if anybody thinks Hansbrough is going to be a decent pro after watching him shoot from the outside then I have some 2008 Timberwolves playoff tickets to sell you).  I was glad to see that UNC lost, but not too happy since it is only a January game that matters little to the overall season.   Some Carolina fans took it a little different than me:

Now a lot of other bloggers have pointed out how crazy it is that so many UNC fans (mostly unattractive girls) were crying after this particular loss.  If these fans are so emotional I wonder how much they cried after Georgetown, George Mason, or Weber St.  Or how about the 2001-2002 season. Seriously check out how many times UNC fans must have cried that year:

Now if Duke lost to Hampton, Davidson, or Ohio I probably would be on the verge of tears as well.  If you want to check out other blogs on this check out:
Between these fans crying and Hansbrough's delicate emotional state, maybe Dr. Phil needs to make a trip to Chapel Hill?

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