Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Thoughts and States 20-11

Here are my random thoughts of the day:

  • Is there anything more sad than seeing a homeless man in Minneapolis during the winter (it is 3 degrees/-10 wind chill) wearing a Dolphins jacket?
  • I need a translator to understand some songs. One of my favorite current songs is "Low" from the rapper Flo Rida featuring T-Pain. It is a catchy song for those in the 18-35 demographic. Anyway, I looked up the lyrics ( and the video ( and honestly I need an urban dictionary ( to figure out anything that Flo Rida is trying to say. Side note: M asked why the rapper had the state name Florida tattooed on his back.
  • In the next Georgia Tech practice the first two things they should practice are 1) Going for a two for one and 2) Coming up with a decent end of game play. They had the game won (not as much as Clemson did) and blew it at the end. At least Tyler Hansbrough got a bloody lip.
  • Just in case you were wondering (from the first comment on my last past) who DQ Qualls and Sandra Bernhard are do a Google Images and you will definitely agree that Tyler Zeller is a spot on spawn of those two.
  • Taylor King is definitely my favorite current Duke player. Greg Paulus is definitely not.
  • On my previous post on the SEC, I did inaccurately write that Louisiana-Lafayette beat Alabama. My apologies to the Warhawks of Louisiana-Monroe, who beat Alabama 21-14.
  • Slowhio St. is a funny name, but as an SEC fan (which apparently automatically makes you an adversary of the Buckeyes) I wouldn't be too confident that OSU won't win the title next year. They are returning most of their starters and will have plenty of talent and speed to win a title next year.
  • The best thing I read about the SEC-pride thing was on Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports ( :
  • "Hi, I'm an LSU fan, and my team is about to win an improbable BCS national championship despite having suffered a pair of regular-season losses. The final seconds are ticking down, and we are glorious, victorious … hey, I know, let's start a chant: 'SEC. SEC.' " To which I say … What? Your conference pride is so pronounced that, at that indelible moment, your first thought is to tell Ohio State fans and the whole world that the best team in the Big Ten isn't as good as the best team in the Southeastern Conference? Really? Is this a Civil War residue thing, or are you actually sitting there at the Superdome thinking, "Boy, I want to share my happiness with Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Arkansas. Pig sooeeeey." I can only relate this to my experience as a proud Cal alum – and, granted, my fellow Golden Bears and I are a little out of practice when it comes to celebrating football championships – but if and when we finally score that long-awaited Rose Bowl victory, sharing the moment with the Washington State Cougars and Oregon State Beavers will be the furthest thing from my mind.

Anyway, here are States 20-11:

  • 20. Alabama: The "Yellowhammer State" - What is this state known for? Nascar
  • 19. Mississippi: The "Magnolia State" - What is the state known for? Hospitality
  • 18. Washington: The "Evergreen State" - What is the state known for? Coffee and rain
  • 17. Massachusetts: The "Bay State" - What is the state known for? Clam Chowder
  • 16. Ohio: The "Buckeye State" - What is the state known for? Football
  • 15. Wisconsin: The "Badger State" - What is the state known for? Cheese
  • 14. Hawaii: The "Aloha State" - What is the state known for? Vacation
  • 13. Colorado: The "Centennial State" or my favorite "Switzerland of America" - What is the state known for? Skiing.
  • 12. Illinois: The "Prairie State" - What is the state known for? Chicago
  • 11. Nebraska: The "Cornhusker State" - What is the state known for? Steaks

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hedleylamarr said...

-thanks for validating my "DJ Qualls + Sandra Bernhard = Tyler Zeller" theory. wouldn't it be funny if they all went on maury povich for a paternity test?
-slowhio st won't make it to the bcs title game next year. next year will beat them down mentally. it will be hard for an sec team to make it there either b/c the sec east will be so strong next year. the winner of the florida/georgia game will have the best chance.
-thanks for giving ULM their props. note: many bama fans had to drive through monroe on their way to the independence bowl this year, and they were greeted with a billboard with the ulm-bama score on it. ha!