Sunday, January 13, 2008

Terrible Tyler part Two

If you are an tall, awkward, post player named Tyler do you have to go UNC? The past two and a half years watching Tyler Hansbrough have been extremely painful for any Duke fan and/or basketball fan. Next year UNC is bringing in a high school center from Indiana named Tyler Zeller. Check out his rivals profile and highlights at the below link:

Or just check out his picture. Does the guy below look like a future star?

Hopefully Psycho T can mentor him when he comes to UNC. Hansbrough can teach him how to flail his arms when he shoots the ball in order to get the foul. Or he can teach him how to put on SPF 50 sunscreen before he leaves his dorm. Or possibly he can teach how to be a ladies man in Chapel Hill by looking like this:


hedleylamarr said...

dare i say that he is nowitzkiesque. possibly uglier than patrick ewing.

he looks like DJ Qualls and Sandra Bernhard had a baby and then pissed on him. I know that those are two obscure references of borderline C-list celebs, but when the shoe fits...

BC said...

This blog seems to be in a two wheeled rut. One wheel is bogged down in ranking states because someone had a lot of time and a little proficiency using the internet and a spreadsheet. The other wheel is mired in man-love urges regarding tall white men named Tyler.
Seek therapy.