Monday, March 31, 2008

Jay Bilas part two

I just got back lunch from this place that is no more than a 5 minute drive from where I work. During that short 5 minute drive back I heard no other than Jay Bilas (who I wrote about yesterday) on the Jim Rome show. What did Jay Bilas have to say to the Jungle? If you have been reading this blog then you probably guessed "Tyler Hansbrough is the hardest working player in college basketball history" and "His will exceeds his skill and his is skill is exceptional." You would be correct with those guesses as well as anyone who guessed that Bilas would have said something that implied that Tyler Hansbrough was one of the greatest college basketball players of all time.

Then I get back to my desk and read the following spoof on Tyler Hansbrough's morning routine. Here are some quick highlights from Pete McEntegart:
  • Dick: Getting out of bed wasn't always something that came naturally to Tyler. His parents tell me that for the first year or two of his life, it was a daily struggle. He even spent time in a crib. But he's worked on it every morning, even when the coach gives the rest of the team off.
  • Jay: If the American Dental Association was going to make a how-to video for brushing, it would star Tyler Hansbrough. Watch him attack the gumline. The 45-degree angle, the short back-and-forth strokes, it's all here. He's so fundamentally sound.

  • Dick: He's poured the milk and he's really digging in. There's a BIG mouthful, and now another. Tremendous! There's a trickle of milk heading down his chin, but Tyler just wipes it away with his left hand and continues to eat. Does nothing faze this young man?
    Jay: He's not concerned with how things look. And yes, there are players who are more graceful, or who make things look easier. But Tyler Hansbrough is all about results. His will is greater than his skill. And his skill is considerable.
  • Jay: Dick, I had the good fortune to play against Michael Jordan. And I'm not saying Tyler Hansbrough is Michael Jordan. I once saw Michael Jordan eat an entire Rooty-Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity breakfast at IHOP with his left hand, and make it look like he was putting away a simple slice of white toast. But I will tell you this: Michael Jordan never attacked a breakfast food with any more effort and determination than Tyler Hansbrough. No way.

Anyway, I am expecting an article from the Onion about Tyler Hansbrough any day now.

Other quick hits:

  • Miami hockey lost yesterday to Boston College. I was looking forward to seeing Miami play North Dakota in the Frozen Four, but it looks like that will have to wait a year.
  • Do you know how hard it is to find updated scores on college hockey? The Gametracker on Miami's website didn't actually track the game because it never updated itself. Also, on they had the score, but no other information about what was happening or who scored. Also, the page didn't refresh automatically. I don't know how I am supposed to be getting into hockey when I feel like the available media for hockey is stuck back in 1995. Can someone help me out here?
  • Minnesota loses when I want them to win (almost every game I cheer for the underdog Twolves) and wins when I want them to lose (every home game against my favorite team the Jazz). Yesterday, unfortunately was no exception.
  • What a heartbreaking loss yesterday for Davidson. When that ball was in the air I knew with a 100% certainty that it was going in and Davidson was going to win the game. It was a tough shot, but a tough shot from Davidson's stud senior point guard Jason Richards. Can you imagine what Gus Johnson's call would be on what could have been the most memorable shot in NCAA history? From now on when I see that replay I will imagine that shot going in and setting up the perfect good (Davidson) vs. evil (UNC) Final Four matchup otherwise known as the Battle of Elisabeth part two.

  • Here is a good article on what it was like in the one bar in Davidson, NC.

  • I think the best thing about the tournament is the new celebration (replacing the pop the jersey and the closed fist pound from previous tournaments):

I am thinking about incorporating that into my every day life. If one of my coworkers runs a good meeting I will run up and jump into them. If M takes me on a date I will have to reward her with a little PDA (public displays of altitude). I think we need a name for the new celebration and until there is a better option I will call it the Air Bump.

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