Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tyler Hansbrough

Due to my lenten promise, I can't and won't say anything bad about Tyler Hansbrough.  That doesn't mean I will be saying many nice things about the probably player of the year.   Anyway, I came across a great article by Mike Freeman.   He wrote about the media's obsession with Tyler Hansbrough in the below article:

The thing is he actually likes Tyler Hansbrough and is just criticizing the media.     However, the people that commented on the article must have missed the point.  Just read some of the comments if you want to see what some of the sport's public thinks about the article, Mike Freeman, or Tyler Hansbrough.   Personally, I think it is a great article and should be required reading for any diehard or casual college basketball fan.  Mike Freeman actually was on the Dan Patrick show today to discuss the article.  Click on the Dan Patrick show and go to Wednesday Hour 1 if you want to hear them discuss his article.

There will be more about the article after Easter.   

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