Saturday, March 15, 2008

Virginia Tech

Seth Greenberg is from all indications a really good coach. In his 4 years at Viginia Tech he has won two ACC coach of the year awards. He cleary motivated his team well enough today to nearly beat the 1 ranked Tar Heels today in the ACC semifinals. I like Seth Greenberg as a coach.

The one problem I have with him is his late game stategy at the end of the thrilling game against Carolina. The score is tied and Virginia Tech has the ball with about 48 seconds left. If you make a quick move and get a good shot quickly then you can utilize the 2 for 1 strategy. Instead they held the ball and missed a baseline jumper with less than 35 seconds. Carolina held for a last shot and won on a baseline jumper from the incomparable Tyler Hansbrough.

Why didn't Greenberg instruct his team to go for the 2 for 1? Give your team as many chances as possible to beat the 1 ranked.


BC said...

That post came literally less than five minutes after the end of the UNC game, but you have NOTHING about your favorite ACC team and it's now going on two hours since they lost.
We should rename this blog Thoughts on UNC and...Thoughts on Tyler Hansbrough, Politics and Whatever is New in My Life.

Kevin Malphurs said...
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Kevin Malphurs said...

The reason there were no comments on the Duke-Clemson game was because M and I had a St. Patrick's Day party to go to. if you need my thoughts on the game here they are:

-Clemson outplayed Duke and deserved to win the game. They have an athletic, talented front court, a capable backcourt, and what looks to be great chemistry. if they are making their free throws they are easily one of the 15 best teams in the nation.
-Kyle Singler played like a freshmen. He couldn't make easy shots including a huge missed 3 from the corner at the end of the game that would have cut Clemson's lead to 1.
-Clemson made their free throws when it mattered. Lets just hope they do that today.