Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back and better than ever

There has been a predictable dip in blog postings as of late. The reason that the quantity of postings has decreased is because of a beautiful thing called weather being above 40 degrees. It was a long, harsh winter that stayed too long, but has finally left the Twin Cities. Now with the weather turning around it is time for softball, basketball outdoors and any other outdoor activities. Since I have been outside more and more there hasn't been as many opportunities to sit down at the computer and write about my thoughts on things. Today is a rainy day which gives me a little time to catch up on things.

  • Game 1: Free Throws: Lakers 46. Jazz 30. Lakers win by 11.
  • Game 2: Free Throws: Lakers 43. Jazz 16. Lakers win by 10
  • Game 3: Free Throws: Lakers 37. Jazz 28. Jazz win by 5.
Kobe Bryant has already shot 52 free throws in this series. It is funny how such simple stats can tell the story of a series. One writer (T.J. Simers) for the LA Times even acknowledged the free throw disparity in his article Referees will do anything to make David Stern smile. The Nba has a real problem when it comes to refs favoring the star players. After the Tim Donaghy scandal from last year you would think that these playoffs would be even more closely monitored to insure that they are fair. The Jazz-Lakers series does not seem to be fair and does not seem likes something that is in the best interest of the Nba.

It is a shame that on the Dan Patrick show they are asking questions about how fair the Nba refs are when it comes to officiating star players. It is a shame when a writer from the LA Times (who should be a homer for the Lakers) is questioning the refs. The national and local media should be writing about how unbelievable the Jazz and Lakers are playing right now. How Kobe Bryant is doing a better than imaginable job of leading his team. How Deron Williams seems to easily transition from getting his teammates easy baskets to getting himself easy baskets. Instead that is sometimes lost in the discussion because of shady officiating that is making people openly wonder if the Nba is rigging the playoffs so that the Celtics and the Lakers make it to the Finals. Unfortunately not much has changed since 1998. The Bulls are now the Lakers. Kobe is now Michael Jordan. And the Jazz are still not getting the calls because they are still the Jazz.

Twins updates:
  • This week's sign of the apocalypse: Carlos Gomez came up to bat and drew an important walk. This ended up setting up the walk-off two out hit from Mike Lamb in a dramatic 7-6 victory for the Twins.

  • The Twins are in 1st in the Central Division thanks to their 12-6 home record and the average to below-average records of the rest of the division.

  • Boof Bonser has had a no-decision in each of the past two games despite giving up 6 runs. The Twins have won both of those games 7-6 thanks to clutch two out hitting.

  • Who is Dave Golokhov and why does he list the MN Twins as the 7th worst franchise? Thankfully took that article apart and did what FJM does better than any other website. Please read the posting under Thursday May 8th, 2008 entitled The Cold War. The article that Golokhov wrote is terrible and makes me think that I could make it as a sports writer because I have to believe I am much better than that.

Back to College

  • It has been two weeks since my return trip to college. The best thing about going back as a 25 year old is that you no longer have the expectations that you are actually going back to what you were like in college. When I went back the year after I graduated I had unrealistic expectations that college was still going to be the college I remembered. It was a disappointment. This time I didn't have those same expectations and was able to enjoy myself a lot more. It didn't hurt to be surrounded by the Pac Rim 2004 cult for our reunion.

  • The two best things about being a Miami University student/alum is the beauty of Oxford, OH and the relationship that students have with their professors. I met up with 3 of my professors and the Dean hosted a dinner for our group during the short weekend trip. For some reason I don't think that happens at really large schools. As for the beauty there is no better place to spend 4 years than Miami:

  • The new fashion trend of sundresses at Miami was met with a standing ovation from my guy friends and I. Why did we have to go to school when gaucho pants were in fashion?

I'm out for now. Go Jazz tomorrow on Mother's Day.

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