Saturday, May 3, 2008

Go Jazz

There has been a delay in the blog due to work (more than usual) and trips (both from my parents here and me going back to Ohio).  I hope there will be more posts later, but right now a short one has to due.

For those of you who like the Nba it is hard to not like this year's Utah Jazz team.  For those of you who don't like the Nba you are missing a well constructed team in a very underrated league.  I am on the cliched cloud nine right now after watching the Jazz beat the Rockets tonight in Game 6.   Watching Deron Williams lead the team and take over the third quarter literally made me dance in pure joy.  No one was around and no one really cares about the Nba, but still when he hit an MJ against the Blazers type three (where he shrugged his shoulders) it was enough to make me through my arms up in reverence.   I feel like there needs to be an entire post (one of the long ones) on Korver's shooting, Boozer's post game, Okur's rebouding, Millsap's energy, and Brewer's potential.  The Utah Jazz are a perfectly constructed team and I like their chances against the Kobe/Pau/Fisher Lakers.   I would have liked their chances better if the Grizzlies wouldn't have given up Pau for Javarsis Crittenton and a 10% off coupon to Target.   

There will be more later on this blog including the recap of the incredible trip back to Oxford for the Pac Rim 2k8 reunion.   

Go Jazz.

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