Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quick non-sports (for the most part) hits

In honor M's birthday I thought I would give the readers some quick hits about non-sports related things:
  • Gas going up to $4 a gallon is a minor pain, but the real worry I have is what the price of oil is doing to plane tickets.  I am fine paying an extra $20 a month on gas for my car, but when you start messing with the prices of my plane tickets then that is where I really feel the financial impact.  A sample of plane tickets I have seen recently:  Minneapolis to Chicago: $350.  Minneapolis to Jackson: $700+, Minneapolis to New Orleans: $600+.   If that is going to be the norm then I will definitely be making more road trips to places like Thunder Bay than plane trips to places like Jackson.
  • On the radio (102.1 for people in the Twin Cities) they were talking about how celebrities in Hollywood should move to a place like Kentucky or Mississippi.  The hosts then corrected themselves and said something to the effect of "well maybe not Mississippi.  They are always last on those bad lists."   They then chuckled about why anyone would live in Mississippi, which kind of sums the prevailing thought Minnesotans have about living in Mississippi.   The funny think is that Mississippians wonder as well why anyone would live in Minnesota.  For the record people might want to live in Mississippi because of the warm weather, low cost of living, no traffic, pretty women, and of course Southern hospitality.   Minnesota has a great job market and the Twins.
  • Speaking of Southern hospitality I am trying my best to spread the hospitality up here in Minnesota.   Minnesota nice is something that is irritating and a black mark on this otherwise fine state.  
  • Why isn't there a website devoted to a ride share program?  You could organize carpools or offer up seats in your car on a long trip.  I am going to Chicago in a month and I think it would be nice to have the company and the gas help.
  • If you want a good reality check on some of the bad foods out there check out Men's Health Worst Foods section.   Some highlights include the 2900 calorie Outback Cheese Fries and the 2710 calorie Chili's Awesome Blossom.    You should check out everything including the 2,310 calorie drink.
  • One sports comment: That was a foul last night on Derek Fisher.   The Lakers are either the most charmed team in the world or the conspiracy theorists might have a point.  They get Fisher and Gasol as gifts, a nearly 10 free throw a game average against the Jazz, and now the no call against Brent Barry.   I dislike the Spurs, but they should have won that game last night.
  • If only Trader Joe's wasn't a private company I feel like I would make a lot of money on that stock.   The thing is you can't even franchise out a Trader Joe's, so my backup plan of opening one up in Mississippi is ruined as well.
Time to go out to dinner on Lake Minnetonka.   

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BC said...

So you got M a party boat on the lake, eh? Nice. I hope you invited Fred Smoot.