Friday, July 11, 2008

1 year anniversary

Today marks my one year anniversary of walking into the World Wide Leader of Cheap Chic and announcing that I was quitting and that my last day was going to be July 12th. At this time a year ago I had all intentions of moving to North Carolina to better criticize Tyler Hansbrough and also to help preach to my nephew about the yearly excellence of Duke basketball. It is funny how things work out though.

Side note that actually is longer than my post: Why do female friends break up more than guy friends break up? This was addressed in a recent Clay Travis mailbag where Travis writes:

"First, all female friendships are on tenuous ground pre-menopause. So it's not like this friend of your ex-girlfriend is that important or truly irreplaceable. I was talking about this the other day: When was the last time you heard of two guys not being friends any more because of a controversy about who would be standing up in the wedding? Never, right? Yet, 50 percent of women end up hating a member of their bridal party before the wedding is complete. Sometimes after a decade of friendship they simply stop speaking. How is this possible? Moreover, what's the evolutionary advantage to this happening? It boggles my mind."

Specifically I can think of 3 good female friendships that have ended for no good reason. Two friends from high school, two friends from college, and two friends from work have all stopped being friends. 3 different groups of friends that have nothing (different regions of the country, circumstances, personalities, etc) in common. Why does that happen? I can't see any reason why my good guy friends and I would "break up." Certainly if one of my good guy (or girl for that matter) friends tried to contact me I would pick up the phone and be happy to talk to him. It would take a pretty significant event for me not to be friends with someone I have been friends with for a long time.

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