Monday, July 21, 2008

Stan Musial

Baseball - Musial
Great article about Stan Musial by Joe Posnanski. I have only been reading his blog for about two weeks now, but I like the fact that he can combine old-school romanticism with new-school stats based analysis. I don't know why the two have to be mutually exclusive and why so many people seem to pick one side and stick to it. It is great to see someone embrace stats to better understand the past. The Musial article is a must read for any baseball fans.

Grocery store
I was visibly upset when I was told by the nice lady at Byerly's (a MN based grocery chain) told me that they were no longer carrying the same Rotissierie chicken lunch special that I have always loved getting on Monday. The Byerly's execs apparently deemed chicken and two vegetables to be less appealing than Indian food. I hope this isn't a sign that the Midwest as I know it is going through a culinary change and I should expect more curry in my future. Anyway, I told the nice lady that I was resistant to change and she said that "I shouldn't get married." I laughed at the joke (and my coworker laughed at the retelling), but honestly I have no clue what it means. If you get married then aren't you signing up for a life of less change than the alternative. Isn't that kind of the point?


Mary said...

I guess it means that you become part of a full-time couple and everything you do is a part of your spouse's life.

Johnny said...

thanks for the stan musial link. i met him when i was 7 years old and thought he was the coolest. i was so excited to tell him that i was left handed too, and he could have just said "that's neat." But Stan seemed to get excited for me and said, "well, us lefties have to stick together", and he stuck out his hand to shake it. It was so cool.

I can remember being excited about meeting Shaq, but I can't remember anything he said to me. Stan Musial did make you feel special, if only for a fleeting moment.